Collaboration idea

I have been doing some interesting projects with friends where we swap draft audio files and ask the other to "finish" it any way they want. Anyone want to try that?


  • What kind of projects do you work on?

  • I’m interested. What daw are you using ?

  • I am on Cubase 11 Pro. I am really into cinematic orchestra music and readily admit I have a lot to learn. I am running BBC Pro and just picked up Olafur Arnalds Chamber Evolutions and I also have EW Composer Cloud.

    We could start by simply trading audio files and deciding on an arbitrary deadline to send files back so it doesn't drag on too long.

    Those are just ideas - I am open to other suggestions.

  • I probably have even more to learn in terms of orchestra, l but am adding pieces to my style everyday.

    I love the videos from the spitfire team and thought I would join the forum and see if there were others just starting out and wanting to collaborate. I also want to fuse it with other styles such as hip hop (not trap or mumble rap), trip hop, lo-fi - and faster where the piece needs it (like Portishead and other acts from Bristol). I hear it all over the place and want to give it a shot. Let me know if you are interested.

    Cheers Michael

  • I'm totally interested, but I'm a Logic X user, and a jazz musician...not sure where that'll take things.

  • I'm interested in any kind of online collaboration. I used Ableton; seems like whatever we do, it'll have to be non-DAW specific!

    Do we know if this Spitfire Forum sends notifications if anyone replies to your comments?

  • i have access to and use ableton on a regular basis(as well as presonus, cubase, and bitwig).

    what version of ableton are you on(i have 10 and 11 suite)?

    i have figured out a really easy way to collab with daw and google. i can create the project and put it in my google drive. i save it there and then everytime i save i click "collect all" which puts all the audio files in that folder as well so when someone else opens it up everything is there.

    if you are interested in collab let me know. im more interested in doing hybrid stuff.

  • if you have ableton 10 or 11 i can collab with you perfectly. i have figured out a way to do this using google drive.

    put google drive on desktop, put ableton file inside. when saving the project also click "collect all" which puts the audio files there.

    if you are interested in collab let me know and i can set up a project and share it with you. as long as you put the drive folder on your desktop and sync it you will always open the last edited version.

  • I haven't had any notifications unless I log in.

    I use Ableton 10 too. What kind of music do you usually make/interested in?

  • Thats such a cool idea - can it be used at the same time?

  • #MrRoka #Joshua

    If the Collect All export feature in Ableton allows online collaboration across numerous DAWs, that's great! I'd like to do some music-making with you guys, although I'm busy with work until end of May. Between June~September, it'd be great to be involved.

    If you guys start anything, perhaps I could be involved around this time? Cheers

  • I wouldn’t see why not. You’re basically just opening a file that is synced to your desktop and then saving over it. If you would like to get one started dm me your email address and spitfire library list and I will share a folder with you.

  • Re: music I make..

    I'm sure we all lean towards orchestral and film-score type composition on this forum, however I also like to include industrial and steampunk sound design. I don't make music dance music, although I do like syncopation, grooves and funk. When not using a DAW, I am a jazz+funk keyboard player : )

    How about you?

  • Thats very cool - Im sure we will get along in terms of styles - when Joshua starts us off you can jump in when you can. You must have some cool skills from funk and Jazz keys.

  • Agreed. I sent over a little test startup project today.

  • If anyone wants to trade "half done" projects by exchanging audio files, let me know. It's a fun way to see how others would augment something you started.

  • I am very interested in this as well. Anything that enables me to learn new skills and wander out of my comfort zone I'm up for. I work on Cubase 11 pro, and have a lot of what I call snippets, or ideas that I liked but just never did anything with. If anyone is interested in talking further about this, some of my finished projects are on my website so you can get an idea of the types of music I write.

    Email: [email protected]


  • Hi All -

    Here is our first 1 min collaboration which I really enjoyed - have a listen and let us know what you think. @joshua