Dynamics and MIDI Velocity

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Newbie question here: When a dynamic layer is chosen in BBSCO Core, how does MIDI velocity of each note interact? For instance:

If I have a soft dynamic layer but play at a velocity of 127, is the velocity subordinate to the dynamic layer? i.e., will that be as hard as a note can be played while remaining at the piano dynamic? Or are there recommended note velocity ranges for each dynamic layer? Or, do the velocities control other aspects?

I know this should be simple, but I'm going from purely using Noteperfmer for mockups to having to play in a piece for final production, and there are so many combinations I figured I should just ask.



  • Despite the extended legato being one of my favorite features in bbcso, I haven't tested this out yet. I believe the modulation lowers the volume of the staccato overlay. I haven't had any problems that would suggest otherwise, but normally you wouldn't have an extremely harsh attack at a soft dynamic so perhaps I just didn't run into it in my writings. I can conduct an actual test when I get home later today.

  • @gregoryd thank you! I don't expect to really play 127 on a piano dynamic, but I'm just trying to understand what all the moving pieces are.

    Please let me know what you find.



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    The staccato overlay for the "legato (extended)" is velocity dependent (I believe there are 3, one for each dynamic layer), but its dynamic-volume is directly controlled by modulation. You can still do a harsh attack at the lowest volume, and it will be an appropriate volume. These are a combination of a short note and a long note, but for the rest of the library:

    The long notes ONLY use modulation to cycle through dynamic layers. The short "one shot" notes ONLY use velocity to cycle through dynamic layers. You can change this by clicking the ". . ." at the top right corner and changing "Full Velocity Range" to "Velocity Mapped to Dynamics". This will completely eliminate the functionality of velocity on short notes and will choose dynamics based entirely on your modulation values. As far as I can tell, there is no way to do this in reverse by mapping the long notes dynamics to velocity.

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    Note: due to the impermanent nature of the plugin and switching through articulations and instruments (something I think the developers are working on), the plugin will undo the changes to this setting every time you change the articulations or instrument. I think it'd be best to get used to using velocity to always adjust your short notes and modulation to always adjust your long notes. It works the same in EastWest libraries as well.

  • Bonus sidenote: LABS and BBCSO Discover do not follow these principles. You can use just modulation or just velocity and they will override each other for some reason. I think this helps play a little naturally for some of the synths and strings since you can do two handed playing while cycling through dynamics, but for serious "finalized" programming it gets very annoying very quickly.