A Spitfire Audio Music Library For Film/TV/Games etc.

This may have been asked before and i did put this across a few years ago.

Would it be a good idea for Spitfire to start such a website where us composers of many different genre's of music can upload our music where film/tv games and media companies can look for music for their projects as i think Spitfire would have a far reach in this area by now.

I don't know if it's possible.

I wouldn't mind paying a yearly fee to help with the running costs say like Soundcloud.

Just a thought


  • Just my take on it

    As far as bespoke music goes I would think like in imagery one has to “hit the bricks” promote, pitch and network to producers, directors, companies etc If they like the work , one might get hired. Christian Henson does a couple of videos related to this

    This is a large library one can submit to. I believe it originated in the UK but is now global. We license cues from them all the time.