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Keyswitch/Assignment Issues with BBCSO Core


Newbie here, so please forgive my simple questions.

1) My keyswitch commands aren't working. I think it's somehow connected to my MPK Akai 249. I can't get the key switches to activate if they are out of the playing range of the instrument, which makes them pretty useless since the point is that they should be out of range.

Would it be possible to map keyswitch commands to a touchpad? I have 16 on the keyboard that would do splendidly.

2) I also need to map the mod wheel and knob to parameters on my AKAI MPK249. I know how to do it for the duration of a session, but when I close out and come back it seems I have to remap it. Is there a way to make it permanent for all my BBCSO instruments?

Thanks in advance for all your help! The library itself sounds great!


  • Hi PJ, am also pretty new here.

    I had similar issues like you yesterday, using a Novation Impulse. I tried to use the drum pads to trigger key switches, and first it didn't work. Until I dropped the assigned keys on the pads by one octave down (meaning; C-1 in BBCSO, C-2 on the pad).

    THEN it worked. Maybe you want to try this?

    Not sure where the gap of one octave comes from..

    BBCSO Core, Albion Tundra

  • Thanks, Chris! I’ll try that.

    For what it’s worth, I’m using Logic Pro X

    I’m wondering— is the way make the assignment “permanent” to save the whole session as a template? I’m hoping there’s a better way.

  • calebjtoth
    edited May 28

    I don't know if there are articulation maps in Logic Pro X, but one thing I've done is reprogram my Korg NanoKontrol 2 so that the S/M/Record buttons by each slider register as note input for each of the keyswitches. It'll put you back about $70 dollars, but it gets you hands on control of the articulations as well as expression control.

    If you're interested, I can send you the config file for the NanoKontrol so that you can get down to buisness.

  • In MIDI there are two different standards to label notes. So called middle C, or note 60, can either be called C3 or C4, but in fact they are the same notes Hz wise. Korg for example calls the note C4. Logic default C3 I think. Spitfire is aligned with Logic but for example if you use VSL libraries in Logic you have to change the middle C in their plugin which automatically changes their key switches to match Logic. So that often gives confusion.

    There are many options to make the articulations work in BBCSO most of them described in detail in other threads in this forum (nice video on articulation sets in general). I like to use articulation sets in Logic which can be found for free on the www for BBCSO. They work very well as there are less than three levels of switch keys which is the Logic limit. Big advantage of using those is that you do not get funny low or high notes in your score (or there is no need for a separate track with the articulation notes which is the workaround for this).

    For live switching I use TouchOSC (a 5 USD app) on an iPad. There are at least two free templates for BBCSO which both work very well. It works with BBCSO as plugin and also if you link it through a server like VEP to Logic.

    In Logic you can very well save all your remote assignments it actually is combined with the articulations functionality. See the dedicated videos on the topic. You can find the functionality in the Logic in the Inspector widow under Tracks, the last entry if you scroll down. You can make your own sets or use those offered by members on several forums. The articulation set company Babylon Waves offers it officially for free as demo.

  • Thanks @calebjtoth @Mario for your helpful responses. I was able to sort through the issue and am looking forward to sharing some music soon!

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