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Hi. Does anyone have a trimmed down Reaper template for BBC SO Core please? My laptop has limited RAM. I am looking for something with approx 15- 20 tracks. Thanks.


  • Disclaimer I don't own the BBC SO Core so I can't guarantee if all these will work and I can't give performance monitoring info but I edited the the current template on the spitfire page by Hew Wagner which has 300+ tracks, by bypassing effects and attempting to trim it.

    In the dropbox here I have 4 templates:

    1: Hew Wagner's original this includes click tracks, effects busses for each section. alot of great track management and routing.

    2: The same as 1. but with All effects bypassed (the next 2 have all effects bypassed as well); This is what I think you should go for as it should run fine with low RAM with the bypass. In addition I'd recommend using Discovery as a sketch then switch to Core for fine tuning rendering each section to a wav to save on RAM and working one section or however many your laptop can handle.

    3: Only the instruments and all of their articulations; (Around 150+ Tracks)

    4: One articulation per section so only legato for Violin 1 and Flute 1 for example, only one instance of Tuned and Untuned percussion this is has about 55 tracks but realistically only about 26.

    Hope this helps.

  • Thank you very much for taking the time to do this. I am very grateful.

  • Hello! I'm late to this one, but if you go to my Google Drive, I have a set of cut-down templates, including track templates for individual sections... There's a readme.txt file in there, so have a look and see if they can be useful to you!