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BBCSO Core Harp question

Hi all. Can anyone else with the Core edition confirm an issue I'm hearing with the Harp? Using the Sustained articulation, F4 (F above middle C) seems to have a different 'character' than the other notes around it. I'm not really experienced enough to know how to describe it exactly, but if you softly play an F major scale up from F3 it should be pretty evident. It just seems a bit 'harsher' than the notes around it. Sort of like the difference between playing with your fingernail vs with the pad of your finger, if that makes any sense.

It's not the end of the world, but I just noticed it because I was trying to use an arp Gm7 chord (G-Bb-D-F) for a piece, and it sounded a little wonky. Wanted to see if I'm crazy or just too inexperienced to play it correctly.

I'm not sure if Pro uses the same harp, so it may or may not be reproduce-able on there.


  • Angus
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    @seraphsword by default the Harp short release settings are set to Timed, which means that if you release the notes quickly, the note will be muted. If you want to have a sustained affect, I'd recommend changing the setting to None.

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