Mode switching and keyswitches in BBCSO

Doc Bob
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I just bought BBCS Core. I have a project that I wrote in Discover and switched the mode to core on each track. I use the keyswitch patches because I often change articulations within a short phrase so I do NOT put each articulation in a separate track. All is well EXCEPT the articulation keyswitches don't translate, and I will have to edit each part to move the keyswitch notes. Is there a way to automate that process? Am I missing something?


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    Hi @Doc Bob

    The Keyswitches will be different if you are updating from Discover to Core due to the fact there are more techniques available. When switching down from Core to Discover, you then have all the techniques in the correct area of the keyboard. So if you use one of our BBC SO Core templates with Discover, this is the user interface you will see: