Mic and Mixing Orchestra 101

Hello all!

Apols if this is best asked elsewhere, I'm very new to the forum.

I'm a very keen amateur composer and I've run a YouTube channel doing a lot of fan-related (and branching into original) work and Spitfire products have become my go to for orchestral sample libraries. My mixing/mastering ability on the other hand is very much of a novice with the approach for the most part of potluck, and I've yet to find a single resource that adequately addresses my questions. I think the most articulately formed questions I can ask is:

  1. What are the first principles for using mics in an orchestra?
  2. What are the first principles for mixing and mastering with an orchestra?

Although I've had formal education in music (up to AS Level), music production is rather lost on me, and it seems to be a very intuitive and subjective art. It often seems to be the case that I don't have a reference point for what sounds "good" as it were, even when listening to existing work.

If you have any tips, or know of a resource that's ideal for a beginner, it'd be much appreciated 😀