Looking for mic suggestions?

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Hey everyone,

I'm a student currently working towards my Music Production degree with a focus on media composition, I'm a huge fan of field recordings but currently I am stuck with a less-than-ideal hand-held recorder and I'm in a position where I'm willing to make a somewhat decent investment in new gear. Around £750-ish.

I've been looking at the C214's by AKG, I saw a stereo pair for sale around £550, which would be great for field recordings and also come in handy for sampling/instrument recording down the line, but I'm hearing mixed reviews.

I've also seen some people recommending a C314, but I'd only be able to get the one for now.

Any recommendations from those a bit more experienced? Would love to hear what you'd have to suggest.

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  • Definitely the 414. For the $ it’s the best mic you’ll have!

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    *definitely not a mic enthusiast or expert or even an audiophile* but for field recordings/sampling I just use a Zoom H6 and it’s been very nice to me. Although it is much cheaper than the mics already listed, so probably not as good.

  • For field recordings, I have the Zoom H4N and it's pretty good. I just picked up a Sennheiser MKE600 and it's a great shotgun mic, but not ideal for stereo stuff. Tascam makes a decent recorder for relatively low $$ the DR-70D has 4 xlr ins with 2 built in mics, they're ok.

    414's will give you a lot of bang for your buck, but there are a lot of other options coming out as well. I'm not super crazy about 414's, but probably just because I've used them so many times. I haven't heard the WA14 from Warm Audio yet, but I've tried a few others and liked them - the WA84's and 87.

    If field recording is your focus, this article has a lot of options: https://www.creativefieldrecording.com/2015/11/18/field-recording-gear-buyers-guide/#microphone

  • There have been so many versions of the C414 over the years with lots of differences between them so its quite hard to speak of them in general, and I believe the ones you buy new now are very different mics to the ones that originally got the reputation. I'm not really up to scratch on the subject but it's well worth some research for anyone thinking of getting some.

    But either way, a single 414 new is nearly as much money as the OP has budgeted for a pair, he actually mentioned the 214/314.

  • I'd recommend looking at the Sontronics stuff. I have a bunch of their mics and they're seriously good value!