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Template for Cubase Elements

Hello there Spitfire Community,

my first post...apologies, I didn't find a "introducing myself" page should there be one, only the "where in the world are you".

Am pretty new to BBCSO Core (thanks to the spring sale..) - I had dabbled a bit with Discovery beforehand and Cubase Elements 11.

Loading the SA templates with Cubase Elements, one immediately exceeds the number of possible tracks/instruments and an error message shows that the tracks are not editable... (?)

Hence my question if one of you ran into the same problem and has created already a stripped down template for Elements and could share it here?

If not, am happy to create one and share it here.

However, am still trying to figure out how to make the tracks in the template editable. Do I only have to remove x amount of tracks until I reach the permitted number of Elements (I think 24)? Or will all the tracks stay in non-editable mode?

Hope am getting it across alright?



BBCSO Core, Albion Tundra


  • Hi @ChrisR

    I'm fairly new to orchestral programming and when looking to upgrade my original DAW, I excluded Cubase Elements exactly because of the limited vst tracks that you could use (24 as you say). I opted for Cubase Artist as it has unlimited tracks.

    Elements will severely limit what you can do with BBCSO Core.

    I would also say that it is hardly worthwhile having a template for such a low track count. If you wanted to change something in the template you would have to delete the "unwanted" track and replace it with a new one. You may as well start from scratch for every project.

    Sorry if it's not what you wanted to hear but if you want to stick with Cubase I would upgrade to Artist at least. You can then use the full Core template and even add other libraries to it.

    More experienced people on here may have a different view though!



  • Thanks Steve, you're right, Elements does limit BBCSO. Still, there's no cash available for an upgrade.

    So am working on a template with 24 tracks/instruments and using key switches.

    BBCSO Core, Albion Tundra

  • calebjtoth
    edited May 28

    Consider Cakewalk. It's free, has articulation maps - a quick Google will find you some for BBCSO - as well as templates, which is what you are looking for -

    It also has a score view, imports all sorts of video, and has unlimited tracks. And other lovely stuff.

    And then the Bandlab site has a pretty decent mastering engine, which is also free.

    And there's a mobile version of the app, which is also free, and is fairly easy to get tracks from a PC project upload. (For maximum quality of transfer of your VST tracks, I would recommend freezing and copying them to extra audio tracks, and then uploading those specifically if you want to tweak a project on the go.)

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