Trying to find specific Flautando sound from Christian's video on Intimate Strings?


I recently picked up Intimate Strings after hearing a wonderful Flautando sound in Christian's youtube video 'Is this the best String sound ever?'. It's at 22:40:

Yet for the life of me I can't seem to replicate that sound in the Flautando patch in Intimate Strings. It sounds more like the 'super Flautando' patch in NEO:

Am I doing something wrong? Is anyone else able to replicate this sound from Intimate Strings?

Any advice would be appreciated.



  • I know what you mean, the patch that's on the screen is literally the initial settings.

    I'd put it down to Christian having "the touch" when it comes to expression and dynamics...

    He does love a bit of splosh on his strings though and it looks he's using his TC6000 here, which probably doesn't help - ah the joys of having a plethora of outboard gear.

  • Thanks, although I can't understand what he's doing that would create such a difference in sound. Will keep trying!

  • Double Helix
    edited June 2021

    Christian says that "You can never have too much reverb," so suspect @The Ansion is onto something :-)

    btw, I loveLoveLOVE Intimate Strings; the "half section" (or whatever it's named) is simply heart-breakingly beautiful.