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So a cool feature of BBCSO is that you can select multiple techniques to play at once by ctrl-clicking in the panel. But, somewhat bizarrely, that's the ONLY way to do it - there isn't any way to AUTOMATE the use of multiple techniques. Which rather drastically limits the usefulness of this ability. It's a bit of tease really. Enough to prove it's possible to, say, layer in a short here and there for some extra punch without creating an entire separate track for it. But without actually letting me do it in any practical way.

I've already put in a support ticket on this and confirmed it isn't possible and requested the feature, but I'm curious about others' opinions. Granted I'm more anal than most about keeping my tracks limited, but surely I'm not the only one who would find this a very useful feature?


  • Can't say I've ever thought about it.

    It'd be cool if they did it similarly to keyswitches, but I don't use keyswitching either. :P

  • I saw that feature and had the exact same question as you. It almost seems like the assumption (conscious or otherwise) was that one selects the technique for the track and then it is just saved with the track and that's it. But I use automation in Reaper to change articulations, and have come up against the same question as to how to select multiple ones at the same time.

  • Yeah that's what I was thinking, like if you program two keyswitches to happen simultaneously it will engage both (I tried this and it still picked only one). And yeah I know some people don't use keyswitches at all, so they wouldn't care about this. I guess the Spitfire engineers fall into that group lol. But I think in terms of instruments, not articulations, so I love keyswitches. And mostly I'm really happy with how the BBC interface lets me use them. Just this one glaring omission...

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    Hi @RGallitan

    Whilst I can't promise this will be a feature in the future, it has already been noted down as a feature request by our team. I have now linked this forum post to our Product Team so that they are aware of your feedback.

  • Hello;

    I'm on LOgic pro X and I share this expectation ...

    PS: I even like having only one track per instrument using all the keyswitches!

    When we write in the score with the pen no problem with an articulation set ... but during a live recording the articulations set does not work (we end up with the low notes in the score or the piano roll !!!

    Thank you for the feature in future...

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    It can be done almost exactly the way you want by assigning midi channels to all your articulations. I always use midi channel assignments for my different articulations and then just only one track per instrument section. As soon as a note comes in on a different channel, the articulation switches instantly. You don't need to even ctrl+click all the articulations either; as long as they're assigned to a midi channel, they'll switch automatically when a note on that channel comes in. in my DAW (Reaper), you can stack notes of the same note value on top of each other, which would allow you to play two articulations exactly at the same time. It's not ideal though, because the note-end messages can sometimes cause problems with long notes, so I instead put an infinitesimal short note right before a sustained long note if I want them both to sound at the same time.

    Another option would be to stack two instances of the BBC plugin back-to-back in your fx chain. I know some DAWs don't allow multiple instrument plugins to be on the same track, but Reaper does for example (with the option to pass-through MIDI or not, so you would have to pass through). Select your stack articulation on the second instance, then automate the bypass in order to turn on and off that articulation layer. You can link it to a CC value or even a midi note value to the bypass parameter to use as a key switch, and this way you can even bring in your stacked articulation while playing in real time. And, if you're in the midi channel workflow like me, you could use the MIDI filter option at the top of the plugin UI to have it activate on that channel only, then leave the plugin un-bypassed so that it will stack only on the filtered channel along with whatever's assigned to that channel on the first instance.