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I love labs!

One thing I have been curious about, in the Spitfire Audio application - the list of Installed and Not installed instruments, never seems to quite match up with what I actually have installed and not installed. I install them ALL! But, still have items showing up as uninstalled in the application.

Have I mentioned the words installed and not installed enough yet?😶

Does anyone else have this issue? It's certainly not a functionality concern.


  • I've had the same thing happen. I'll install them all, and when I go back into the app (like when a new LABS library comes out), one or two of the ones I had installed show up in the "Not Installed" category and, if I'm correct about this, do not show up in my DAW until I reinstall them.

    It seems very random and I haven't been able to figure out anything as to the why of it happening.

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    @Steve Shaw has got it- otherwise reach out to the support team and we can set your Libraries manually to "installed" with the flick of a switch

  • That worked! Thanks everyone...

  • As of 28/05/2021 this still appears to be an issue. I have contacted support before and they have resolved the issue, but do I really need to do this every time I install a LABS product? LABs is the gateway for many to Spitfire Audio products - it was for me, so to see so obvious a bug persist for so long in this product is disappointing and gives those that are new to Spitfire Audio products the impression that the software is buggy. The first time I bought one of Spitfires commercial products I had a slight hesitation because I feared I would have similar install issues.

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    @DrakeSoft we are releasing a new Application next week that finally patches this issue. It's been a difficult one to fix, and it has also taken a while due to our engineers focusing on an entirely new build of the App in recent weeks that we hope to release later this year that will improve functionality and accessibility massively!

    Thanks for your patience in the meantime, and if you have any further issues, please reach out to support directly.

  • I have had two lab updates since the announcement that the problem was to be fixed. It still appears to be broken. I opened labs this morning (07/08/2021). It showed that the last three downloads (which are installed) were not installed.

  • The app also shows as "installed" libraries that have been deleted..

  • @DrakeSoft I'll create a ticket for you so we can properly report this to our engineering team- thanks.

    @crazyryoga the current App does not recognise when libraries have been removed, so you will need to reset them manually in the App once deleted- see here:

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    I've been having this issue ever since I installed Labs a couple of years ago. I've just updated the app and added a couple more libraries and am surprised to see it's still a problem...though I wonder if mine is slightly different as I don't have to actually reinstall/download the "missing" ones, they just don't show up under "Installed" on the app when I'm looking for a new one. (If I launch the VST, all the "missing" ones are accessable.)

    I've followed the folder permissions tip above but it hasn't made any difference. It's more of an annoyance than a problem - you can end up downloading the same library twice - but surely it's just a case of pointing the app to the right list of installed stuff? The only one that does show up as installed is Strings, which was the first one I downloaded, if that's relevent.

  • This is still an issue. A composer I am assisting has majority of the LABS libraries downloaded but only 6 show up in the Installed tab. Pointing the labs to the folder using Locate does not work even though it says it has found it successfully. Running a repair of the library seems to work but I doubt it's a long term solution. Disappointing to see this has been a bug for over a year and has not been resolved.

  • This is still an issue in Version 3.3.23, July 2022 the LABS is showing installed labs as not-installed. Re-installing the labs does not fix the issue. Can this be fixed?

  • This is still an issue in Version 3.3.25

    Half of the libraries I have installed show up, the other half do not. I can execute the "find" option, and it does find the libraries in question, but then it does not restore them to "installed" status. I have on countless occasions done a "repair" which does return the libraries to "installed" status, but after each update the problem returns.

    It is July 2022 and this problem has been persistent for well over a year. Is there any real fix on the horizon?

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    I'm glad I'm not the only person experiencing the Installed / Not Installed problem. Or rather, I'm glad Spitfire's acknowledging it.

    I have to say that they all show up correctly in my DAW and all work there, excepting 'Christmas', which is a shame as I 'need' those jingle bells sounds.

    I also have to say - what a great, high quality resource they are and thank Spitfire Audio (again) for them.

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    I'm on my 50th install of Labs.....I don't get it....why does it disappear? BBC Orch too.

  • March 2023. ver 3.4.4 installed and still I have 12 instruments that come up as 'not installed', despite the fact that they are. Re-installing them doesn't seem to make much difference as that seems to leave a different bunch of instruments 'uninstalled'.