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How much would you pay? BBCSO core question

Question for BBCSO core owners:

If you could buy extra mic positions 'A la carte'.............

How much would you be willing to pay?

For example:

I would love to have the close mics and Jake Jackson's 'Mix 2'. I would happily pay €49 for them. It's all I really want from the selection that 'Professional' offers, and I definitely don't have the hard drive space for all of them anyway.

I know this will realistically never happen, but maybe if there is an appetite for it from users who will most likely never upgrade to the Pro version, it might start a conversation in the Spitfire office.


What do you want?

How much would you pay?


  • I'd pay around $100 not for other signals, but to get just mix 1 of the instrument sections that aren't included in Core - contrabass trombone, contrabass tuba, contrabassoon, English horn, cimbasso, bass flute, bass clarinet, contrabass clarinet, and string leaders.

    I think the untuned percussion section also desperately needs other mic signals, to the point where they should be included with the existing Core bundle without extra cost. One-mix-fits-all just doesn't work on drums.

  • Completely agree with all of these points👍️

  • I've been sitting with my finger over the upgrade button all weekend, driving myself crazy......but I still can't justify it as it would mean including the cost of a new bigger SSD😫.

    I only want a slightly drier mix than 'mix 1'

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