For god's sake, please allow us to choose mic positions before downloading.

Well, this seems like a request for "Spitfire Audio Center" downloader, but obviously the users of BBCSO Pro would benefit from this feature most, so I post this discussion here.

I'm a user of BBCSO Core and looking for the upgrade to BBCSO Pro, the only thing stops me is I don't have majestic 630GB space on my SSD. I know it's possible to delete unused mic position AFTER installation, but it's still pain to download all of this.

Orchestral Tool's SINE Player have this feature. Maybe there'll be some technical issues on Kontakt libraries, but for libraries with their dedicated plugins, it's definitely possible to add this feature.



  • It's possible, but it'll probably cost millions in R&D, and they'll have to change their whole player and business model and stuff.

    I can't say I disagree though. I'd love BBCSO Pro for the full pallet of instruments, and I'd love to be able to use CTAO mics with it. I definitely, however, don't have the money to buy a dedicated 1TB SSD for that many mic positions, and am fairly certain that the hit on my RAMM wouldn't be worth say, setting up the spill mics from the brass section to give a bit of ambience to a cello track.

    I'd definitely like to see the SF player and app be made more modular (Within a library, being able to delete mic positions, etc) than it currently is.

    I'm sure they'll figure something out, as they've found such a love for mic positions recently, and a lot of composers are like "I love the library, but... I didn't ask for all this". :P

  • Well, they don't need to sell these mic positions separately. I mean, "you've purchased all of these, but it's up to you if you want to install".

  • You could download one section then do the mic changes - 4 downloads, strings, brass, perc, wood... bit of a pfaff but doable

  • I'm also a BBCSO core owner and I'm pretty sure that I would be a BBCSO pro owner if this feature was a reality.

    In an ideal world, I would love to be able to just purchase an extra mic position 'a la carte' for my core version, but like already mentioned by a previous poster, I recognise the problems that this would present for Spitfire to implement.

    But just like Oswald, I don't have the space to download the whole library and start deleting after the fact.

    I would pay the full price for the upgrade to the pro version right away if I could choose which mics to download.

    and...............I know I'm asking a lot (especially at the current sale price) , but I really do think that mic 'mix 2' should have been included with the core version to at least have some sonic variation available.

    I wonder , if you could purchase an extra mic position for core, how much would people be willing to pay for it?

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    Hi @Oswald

    We're actually in the process of developing an entirely new Spitfire Audio Application. Whilst I cannot promise what exactly will feature in this new offering we hope to release later this year, I can say that the ability to install certain elements of a library (e.g. Mics, Instruments, Sections, Plugin Type) is a feature that is being looked into.

    In the meantime, as you mention, you can remove microphones manually:

  • I always download all the content. I wouldn't need such a feature. When I run out of HDD space, I simply buy a new external SSD disk.

    You never know which mic position you will want when mixing a track...

  • I do too. I think the feature would be nice. I can't afford to buy a new drive every time I run out of space. That's an extra cost I now factor in with libraries. It's not in everyone's interest to download everything and spend an extra $100 everytime they run out of space.

  • Hi Angus,

    Please don't be afraid to mention in any meetings about the new app and it's features, that there is a definite appetite out there for people to purchase extra mic mixes in Core also 👍

    Thanks for all the great work and information.

  • As a core user the close mics would be amazing if you could make those available to us.

  • @Angus Does the above mentioned method of removing specific mic positions apply to Abbey Road Two as well? Thanks!

  • @CJ Yes, you can remove mics from Abbey Road Two, though it is not recommended. Reach out to our team directly if you need support with this:

  • 2nd on that. Serious space waster. That is THE reason I haven't continued to purchase Percussion Swarm and a few other libs.

    I know exactly how I'd like to mix, and not with eg. back of house decca tree or "spot" positions

  • PS downloading mic positions separately is totally doable - that's how Sonokinetic does it.