Will Spirfire Update Their Legatos in Older Libraries?

Just wondering if anyone has any inside information about Spitfire potentially updating their legato patches, re-scripting them to perform like their newer product legatos, such as BBCSO and the AR expansion patches??

I own ALOT of their libraries, including SSO Professional, Albion, Solo Strings, etc. and think it would be AMAZINGLY useful to have the added versatility of the fast legato and the superstition allowing for staccato phrasing without articulation switching.


  • Yeah, I think this would be great too.

    Realistically, I'd assume they're gonna relaunch their symphonic series soon (Like how it was called Mural/Sable before) and bring those products more in line with what they're doing nowadays.

    Kinda like the Albion 1/ONE reboot.

    Chamber strings definitely feels a bit long in the tooth, imo. (Still sounds good, though.)

    They've come a long way in the last couple of years!

  • I agree, but as I own the Studio Orchestra in its entirety, I would really love the brass and winds to have the type of dexterity and versatility the newer scripts offer. Same with Albion. Come to think of it, having as many libraries as I do, it would be AMAZING to have an overhaul of all the legato scripts throughout the catalog. I know this is probably a super arduous task, but it would cement spitfire as the greatest of all time as far as innovation, customer service and bang for buck.

  • I think BBCSO’s legato update was modeled on the performance legato in SSS and SCS. It would be cool if SSB and SSW also received performance legato patches - super handy!

  • They definitely have before. Probably depends on how many people email them about a specific issue.

  • Edward
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    I doubt it. Another user has pointed out that SA has been promising to update Symphonic Brass with legato patches for the trombones for FIVE years.

    Don't hold your breath.