How to create legato performance in LCO

Hello Spitfire Team

I have a question about legato options /performance in the LCO string library.

I can't find any way to create legato performances in any of the instruments articulations.

Is there a way to play legatos with the LCO library?

In addition, having downloaded the LCO user manual I can see in page 10 (and in other pages too) there is a mention on legato performance which is actually missing from the product I bought. I bought the LCO in May 2021.

I attach a picture from the manual I have downloaded.

The pictured "legato" as well as the slurred notes are not included in the product.

Am I mistaken? What am I seeing wrong?

Thank you very much in advance!


  • The legato transitions are usually a separate articulation in a separate folder. In my experience, they are almost never in the full articulation set.

    I don’t have the LCO, but check to see if you have a folder called "Advanced". Inside of there you should be able to access "Individual" articulations and "Legato" articulations. These patches take up a lot more RAM so they aren't loaded with the full articulation sets.

    You should be able to navigate these folders using Kontakt as well. Screenshots following, example using Spitfire Solo Strings ->

  • Thank you for your message!

    Unfortunately I have already checked this and there is no legato folder.

    So, the question remains: Why the manual shows something that it's not in the product. I can't believe that Spitfire has done a mistake in the manual. Either I've downloaded the wrong manual (which I strongly doubt) or there is no legato whatsoever in the LCO library.

    Thank you anyway for your effort to share this info!

  • I own LCO and haven’t seen legatos in there either. It WOULD BE amazingly good serio snd help unify the sound of a piece, instead of getting legatos from a different library.

  • After checking their page, under "What's Included" there is no listed legato. As such, there's no legato folder or patches (my b). They usually include all of the various definitions in the manual as a courtesy to explain what they all mean (even if it isn't in the specific library you purchased). The legato switching that they're talking about is found in other libraries that feature legato. "The Expert View" section is found in nearly every manual from what I can tell.

    The "Appendix C" section is a list of all the articulations. There's no legato sampling for this library based on this list.

    Appendix E is a list of the CC controls you would use for a UACC switching scenario and how they map their various articulations. This is basically a universal dictionary for UACC controls; it doesn't actually reference this library's available articulations. The actual articulation list can be found at the bottom of the Spitfire LCO page or under Appendix C.

  • I didn’t expect legatos when purchasing, but it would have been nice, for uniformity of the library. I have SSS Pro, Solo Strings and a few other options as far as legatos, so I’m good on it… SSS blends well with LCO. But I understand if you’ve purchased this as a stand-alone library, expecting it to do EVERYTHING. most independent string libraries do, you may be slightly disappointed, though, I must say, this library does so many cool snd unique things. Certainly worth the price of admission!!!

  • I haven't regretted a single...note for buying this library! Yes, if legato was there it would make it one of the best libraries I've ever used! Besides, there are so many articulations in there that it makes it unique anyway.

    I'm a fun of both, the real LCO and their virtual library.

    Thank you for your comments.

    C'est la vie.