Articulation Question about Spitfire Library

I'm new to this forum. Hello everyone

Im thinking to get BBCSO core and Solo Strings. What I want to do is to mixing these two together to write song along with a pop/rock band.

BBCSO alone strings maybe too wet. Solo strings maybe too dry. mixing these two together sound better with pop band (thats what I think). these two alone can also do classical and cinematic staff. I hope I'm right about it. The reason I'm not getting bbcso pro is because I don't have enough hard drive space.

My question is do these two libraries' articulation work well together? Can I simply copy and paste the MIDI track and automation to one another? The legato patches transitions are triggered in the same way? Vibrato sound similar to each other?


  • I've used them together, and I think they blend super well. The solo strings, I keep the tree mics at full and that's it. Bbcso reverb about 20-30%. It has a great classical sound to it from that position, and I only have core. I adjust the expression individually (to better mix the solos into the section), but the midi track can be copy pasted with 0 extra stuff added, and the automation will blend pretty well. The legato transitions are triggered exactly the same (only difference is some of the solo strings don't have a staccato overlay in the legato patch; bbcso does). The vibrato will actually add a lot of character to the bbcso strings imo. I almost always add the "spitfire solo strings" 1st desk, viola, and cello to my bbcso strings to give it extra character.

  • thx gregoryd

    very detail info I'm definitely getting these two

  • Keep in mind that the solo strings take up a lot of RAM and processing (especially the virtuoso instruments). I wasn't able to easily incorporate them into my template until I had at least 16GB of RAM. And if the tree mics aren't "blended" enough for you, you get a ton of mixing potential with the Close and Ambient mics to blend them in. Hope you like it!