Abbey Volume Question

Has anyone found that the volume output of Abbey Flutes is very low compared to other commercial libraries ?

(In fact BBCSO has quite a feeble output also.)

Just as an indication I loaded Abbey Flutes and Cinewinds and played C5 sustained, modwheel full up.

The difference is clear, and as such it can be a bit of a challenge integrating some of Spitfire libraries with other orchestral collections.

Any thoughts would be welcome.


  • Have you check the volume of the mix / mics ?

    In my case , sometimes , my midi keyboard sends information in C#22 wich decreases the volume of mix 1 whitout me seeing it ..

  • Merci Romain ! In fact, it's with MIX 1 in the default position. As far as I can tell, nothing strange is happening with CC#. Fortunately the Abbey/BBC plugins have general volume controls, but I have to put them up to maximum in order to have any kind of headroom available during mix down.

  • Just turn it up a couple db? :) Is a single flute as loud as a symphonic string section, in real life?

    Not disregarding the fact you're pointing this out, but I'm also kinda confused as to what's so challenging with volume discrepancies.

    Good luck!

  • It's not a question of the volume of the flute vs orchestra, rather the standard volume of the Spitfire flutes section, compared to the Cinewinds Flute section :-) Also as per the screenshots, it's not a couple of dB, but rather -18dBfs difference :-)

  • I have found that within Logic the library in general is much more quiet than many other native instruments and the like. However when it comes to multiple tracks and levels this actually turns out to be a good thing as the combined volume and need for workable space in the mix is key much further down the line.

    One thing I do in the experimenting stage is add a channel strip to the track and gain it up. Just this evening I was working with string and ran them through a Universal Audio Neve channel strip to gain them higher and it sounded it fantastic.

  • @nvmusic I wouldn't expect any Library manufacturer to match in terms of perceived or actual volume- this is because, unlike MIDI, there are no standardised values for what levels orchestral sample libraries should be. As @mikeyb has suggested above, we master all our libraries to the same levels within the context of customers will be using these products in large orchestral templates- so will therefore require a good amount of headroom.

    Happy to pass on any feedback you have though!