What are your occupations?

Some of you all may be fortunate to be able to make a living as composers, but others of us work in other fields, maybe even with a variety of jobs to make ends meet.

Associate Professor of Music / The University of Virginia’s College at Wise

Conductor + Music Director / Winds of the Mountain Empire



  • I am a college professor of 18 years, teaching a variety of courses including applied trumpet/horn, orchestration, music technology, music theory, aural skills, conducting, jazz ensemble, improvisation, world music, and anything else that needs to be covered. I also perform with a couple local symphonies in the area and conduct a professional wind ensemble.

    Associate Professor of Music / The University of Virginia’s College at Wise

    Conductor + Music Director / Winds of the Mountain Empire

  • Also a college professor—jazz and instrumental music. I’m using SA libraries for a chamber jazz project I’m working on. Slow going!!

  • construction estimator, IT guy, live sound engineer, musical product designer and manufacturer.

  • Another college professor here: 28 years and counting. However, I am in the English Department, teaching creative writing, lit, and rhetoric & composition. I've been performing professionally since I was a young teen, so I love it when I am able to connect with students who are also musicians and we can trade "war stories" ;-)

    My "theory of learning" is that I don't know what I don't know until I find out that I don't know it.

    I wish Christian, Paul, and the Spitfire Audio team great and continued success. Being an "old newbie," I hope to visit the forum often.

  • Kerry
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    All music, but different aspects - performing, arranging, producing, musical directing etc. Taught it at post-secondary level for many years, both public and private. But nowadays the thing that gets me up and working every day is really composing/arranging.

  • My "day job" is now as a Theatre Technician in education, so sound/lighting (both design and opertation) and rigging/installation/maintenance/everything else that goes along with it.

    Also freelance studio and audio work, and some more construction based bits and pieces. Generally speaking if it involves cables or woodwork then that's my thing, if it involves both then even better!

  • I'm a Film Music student from Udine, Italy and I study at Francesco Venezze Conservatory in Rovigo. I started as a drummer but write music is so beautiful and give more emotions to a movie it's so hard but at the same time so awesome

  • I recently graduated as a Commercial Music student (focus in scoring for film & media).

    Currently, I work as a substitute teacher, tutor, and Doordash driver. I get to do some student short films and produce a few songs for people every now and then, so it's a start!

  • I'm a physiotherapy student, but I'd like to work doing music someday.

  • Currently: Media Manager in TV (Sport)

    Previously: Failed Musician turned Live Sound Engineer come Lampie come Vidiot.

    Who knows what next.

  • By day I'm an Animator in the Video Game industry. By night I make and score a YouTube Travel Vlog.

  • Sound designer and composer. Used to be theatre work primarily but the past year has meant I’m now working on audio drama/ radio/ podcast work in the main but also the occasional gallery and museum installation.

  • Orchestra Conductor and symphonic arranger. Music Director of the Niagara Symphony Orchestra in Canada, and guest conductor, largely in the USA. Arranger and conductor for rock/orchestra projects… most recently Steve Hackett’s Genesis Revisited project.

  • AV Supervisor for an international non-profit by day. Freelance musician, audio editor, composer by night. LOL

  • Greetings fellow composers, musicians and lovers of Spitfire!

    In life, we are never just one ‘thing’ yet society judges us on ‘what we do’ so to best answer this question, I am based in Australia and am a:

    Music Producer / Composer / Voice Actor / Graphic Designer / Photographer

    I play keyboard, sing and most of all, love composing using the following Spitfire products:

    Albion One and Tundra, BBC SO Pro, DarkStar, Eric Whitacre Choir, Symphonic Motions, and Aperture Orchestra.

    Lovely to virtually meet you all

  • Software engineer by day, smasher of black&white keys, knob twister, fader runner, pedal presser, etc., all that seems to create "pleasant" noises, by night

  • I'm a researcher/soon-to-be-scientist-if all goes well by day and a musician by night :) I recently got into orchestral programming and orchestral composition been the most fulfilling experience I've had. I am starting to build on a genre that I call theatrical progressive. A huge admirer of Christian, Paul, Oliver, and Homay! Love their vlogs and interactions. I am starting to dream of having conversations with them now :)

  • I'm a Graphic Designer who doesn't really like his job =)

  • I'm a Building Services designer/estimator (Mechanical services - heating, A/C, plumbing, ventilation). Am just 5 years off retiring and am only in it because when I left school I wanted a job which involved Tech Drawing. Ironically CAD has now completely replaced the drawing aspect of the job!

    Unfortunately when I was young there was no such job as a home-based media composer, certainly not in the list on the flip cards of the school Careers Advice woman who found me my first job in 1978. The democratisation of music production is a wonderful thing and long may it continue.

  • Rickard
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    Greetings from Sweden! I am a "high school" teacher. We have a high school program focused around music. I teach orchestration, improvisation, ensemble playing, music theory to 16-19 years old studfents. I graduated as a jazz saxophone player from music collage with orchestration as a second major.

    Sample libraries and making film/tv/game music is a hobby on the side :)

  • Greetings from NYC !

    I'm a software developer, freelancing for the music industry. I've been doing that for almost 20 years and have been fortunate to work with a lot of different companies in the industry and make a lot of plugins. Never worked with Spitfire though :)

    As a professional, I can really appreciate the quality of Spitfire's content.

    I'm also a jazz pianist.

  • Greetings from Bulgaria! I'm a lead UX/UI specialist in a UK based IT company at the day...... and music maker at the night . I've started making music in my teen-ages as vocalist and guitar player, but the last 8 years I'm on an endeavour of finding and improving my own musical projects, while making music for small commercials and apps.  

    I'v got a podcast in the Bulgarian national radio primarily for an experimental, trip-hop, downtempo, ambient music and pretty much everything that I find interesting and inspiring.

  • Hey guys! I'm a doctor from Norway who decided to take a bit of a break from work to pursue my hobby and study music production in London. So music is my full time "occupation" for now, but soon to be sidelined again ?

  • Greetings, ... I am an instrumental teacher (guitar & bass) and when I am not teaching I create/compose music, sometimes on demand (commercials, podcasts or as a session player) and other times for myself

  • Howdy from Austin, Texas! I have worked nearly 50 years in broadcast television production in west and central Texas and served as a long-time on-air radio host at Austin’s classical station. I have my own commercial video post-production business (editing, motion graphics and animation, etc.) that I run from my home studio where I also create my music. I’m semi-retired now, so lots more time for making music!

    I’ve been interested in electronic music since the mid-70s when I first got a Moog and Arp and I absolutely love the magic of our modern DAWs and sample libraries! I compose deep ambient electronica and, more and more with such wonderful tools at our disposal, full symphonic music. That’s mostly for my own films, and I’ve won several awards so far for scoring.

    Now working on my biggest film and score yet, consisting of over one hour of full-orchestra incidental music and full interludes. Very fun and rewarding!!

  • I'm Lyndon Aguilar and I'm a professor at University of Santo Tomas Conservatory of Music. I teach under the Jazz Studies and Music Technology departments. I teach Jazz Harmony, Jazz Theory, Jazz Improvisation, Jazz Literature, Midi Orchestration and Pop and Jazz Functional Keyboard. I also have a jazz-fusion group LOWCAL. I'm new to Spitfire Audio at about November 2020. I was in awe when I first heard Spitfire and bought BBC Orchestra Professional and Abbey Road Studio One. Spitfire made a big difference in my teaching online. But to tell all you the truth, I really missed performing live with my band. Maybe that's the musician in me aside from doing scoring and arranging. https://youtu.be/o4fzwFiFe6Y

  • Gabriel, from Mendoza, Argentina. My specific academic training is philosophy, but over the years (almost 40) I have had several jobs, many of them linked to public policies in the socio-cultural sphere. For about 10 years I have been a teacher in institutes of higher education and in a university. The musical vocation also comes from several decades ago (I am self-taught) always linked to computers as a learning tool, composition, etc. It's not a hobby, it's something I love to do even though it's not a paid activity yet ... :-)

  • Software and/or Business Intelligence by day... And by night I try to sleep! Father. Compulsive creator. Harbinger of Silence and Bringer of Sound.

  • I work in telecommunications and software application development. I have been doing software and application work most of my working career. I have also played music (Piano - Classical & Jazz. Some Cello) since I was young and played professionally when I was young as well (I am not in the spring chicken club ;->). I still have a keen interest in music and composition that I continue to pursue. The software tools available to do composition using DAWs and virtual instruments today is pretty incredible. As others here have mentioned, I do love playing and composing even though I don't do this professionally at this stage of my life. This has probably done more to keep me sane in the new world of Covid-19 than anything else.