Originals Felt Piano - velocities

Hi all

Does anybody else feel that the Originals Felt Piano seems to react randomly to velocities?

Specifically, I find that same velocity on different notes yield very different loudness/tone.

I love the sound - but it's not very 'playable'....to the point that higher velocities yield softer notes?

What am I missing?




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    Hi @rschweng

    Have you pulled the dynamics slider all the way down? The library will only react to velocity values when dynamics is zero. If dynamics is at full (127), the library will play at the same velocity level.

    If that does not cover your issue, I would recommend reaching out to our support team at www.spitfireaudio.com/support

    We can then offer advice on whether this is the character of the library, or whether a report needs to be made to our Product Development team.

  • Hi!

    I do have the same issue with this piano and it's very frustrating because it sounds wonderful otherwise. I have tried on several music softwares + 2 different keyboards and same result. To counter this I thought about using a compressor but it kinda destroys the sound...

    If anyone has any solution for this issue I'd love to hear it.



  • Hi @maximeverdoni

    As above, have you tried pulling down the Dynamics slider?

    If that is not related to your issue, please feel free to report this to our team at www.spitfireaudio.com/support

    If you do write in, be sure to include:

    • An audio file that demonstrates the issue
    • A MIDI file of the above audio file
    • A screenshot of the plugin so we can see what presets and settings you are using
  • I still have a similar issue with this piano. The velocity for some of the keys is just way to low and anbalanced to make this a playable piano. Especially C# (3) and D (3) are way to soft/low. Manually adjusting the velocity in the midi for those specific keys is optional, but a hassle. The settings in the instrument do not solve the issue for me. Even tho the support team acknowledged the issue with velocity, there has been no solution or refund. Which is a shame, because I honestly think it is one of the best sounding instruments out there, and I tried a lot =)

  • From all the research and tickets I have opened about this problem. It just seems to be the way it is. Either they say that they don’t hear the weird pitches and frequencies that seem to randomly come up when pressing different keys and different velocities. Or I have also just heard people say this is part of the “character” however I’m not sure random high pitched frequencies and clicks are part of any piano I’ve ever heard. I would have gladly paid triple what this instrument cost. It’s probably the best sample I’ve ever played with but I cannot use it because of the weird and unpredictable sounds. It’s a shame really

  • Hi everyone, just letting you all know that this has been logged with the developers and is now awaiting a fix from them. In the meantime, it will be best to automate the volume or the dynamics control as a work around. Apologies for the inconvenience this poses!