Release Midi data from the trailers please!

It would be so helpful to have access to the midi data that the composers use in the trailers and demos. It would be a great way to get to know the products and the workflow associated with them. What say you fellow spitfire accolades? Would you like to see this as well?


  • IMO, I don't think it's necessary to see this, as its really up to you how you choose to use and play with the library.

    The demo videos contain compositions written by SA's team of composers (which are credited on each of the pages) so for copyright reasons, I wouldn't think SA would want to release this MIDI data as its up to each individual composer to choose if they want that info released.

    Having said that, there are MIDI packs out there online (free and paid) where you can import chord structures into your DAW which is great if you're new to music, or just want to get a feel for different modes.

    As for workflow, this comes with time. The better you get to know your DAW, the better your music theory is and your familiarity with the library/VST will help to improve the time it takes to compose music.

    SA have some great tutorial videos on YouTube which may help, and Christian also produces his own videos which are extremely helpful and provide further insight into SA products, libraries and how to get the most out of these.

    Spitfire Audio YouTube:

    Christian Henson YouTube:

    (Someone from SA should really customise those YouTube URLs)

    Cheers! Jase

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    Hi @Spaceman,

    @Jase Ess is correct here- we do not often share MIDI projects from composers due to copyright reasons, as some of the demos are reused for for production music. That said, there is a current focus on improving educational content on our forum and social channels, so there is a chance that future demos/ MIDI Projects may be shared in the future.