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Own every existing Spitfire Audio product, in one vast collection. 14 years of recording by world’s best composers, at the world’s most exclusive studios, compiled into 90+ libraries could now be yours.

We are giving away one double hard drive of over 4 terabytes of inspiring, world-class sounds signed by Spitfire Audio co-founders Christian Henson and Paul Thomson, worth over $20,000 if you were to buy them separately.

Simply head over to the link to enter on our site. Entries close May 20th, and the winner will be contacted via email by May 23rd and announced on this post!

Our recording history, your scoring future.



  • Hope I won this.

  • The Eric Whitacre Choir will be the first thing you install if I win this 🤩

  • Réda
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    Amazing, I can't imagine how it should be exciting and inspiring for the winner to get all this collection !

    If I win the first thing I install is Albion One 🍀🎻🙏

    Good luck all !


    tappitappititappititaptap (snare sounds btw) 👍🥁

  • If I win I would Like To install , HANS ZIMMER STRINGS 😍😋❣️

  • Good Luck Everyone 🙂

  • in case I win, I am going to install any library I see first (preferably an orchestral library)😅:P.

    Thank you spitfire for this opportunity and good luck everyone.

  • I think I'd install the long longed for BBCSO! :D

  • As first I would install Spitfire Solo Strings ;)

  • First thing to install would be Chamber Strings Professional.

  • Spitfire Solo strings😍😍

  • I'll install HANS ZIMMER STRINGS ! For sure !

  • The Chamber Strings are like famously gorgeous out of the box so I'd definitely have to hear it for myself.... but then there's also the Hans Zimmer collection (the sound of hundreds of strings).... I'm unsure, but one of those two. intimacy vs. GRANDEUR

  • Orchestral Swarm, hands down

  • riycECZrwN2Q293
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    Albion one

  • If I win, I would install "Abbey Roads One: The Orchestral Foundation" the first moment.

  • If I win, I would install "Ólafur Arnalds Composer ToolKit" the first moment. This is a dream.

  • Good luck everyone! If I so happened to win, I would have to go after the LCO and Hans Zimmer libraries. I’ve wanted them for such a long time.

  • Chamber Strings Pro 😀

  • Please!

    First i install BBC Pro

  • Orchestral Swarm, Hans Zimmer Piano and Percussion, Chamber strings and try out Albion and Abbey Road One.

  • If I win, I would probably go in alphabetical order...I guess that would be Abbey Roads One

  • Oh my! I would install BBCSO PRO as soon as I got the hard drives. This prize is insane, good luck all!

  • Good luck to everyone!!

    I would download both Eric Whitacre Choir and Hans Zimmer strings initially.

    Fingers and everything else crossed! I bloody need a win at the moment 😀

  • Maybe I'll install Albion One first, I'm actually curious with it

  • Birthday is on the 17th! Hope I get this! Easily would download the Zimmer Strings first! Good luck to all

  • Spitfire Solo Strings! Obviously! 🙌

  • First I would install a new SSD ;) then HZS, then OACE, then ARO, then the chamber strings, then...

  • I wish to win this to be full spitfire audio. I will install chamber strings first if i will be the winner. Thanks for the great sounding libraries you created.

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