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Spitfire Audio Forum Tips

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Thanks for joining the Spitfire Audio Community Forum. This is a place where you can freely ask questions about the creation of music. Whether it's general questions about composing, technical queries about using Spitfire Audio products, or discussions about other sample libraries and hardware- we're open to everything here!

Here's a quick guide on how to get the most out of the forum.

Question or Discussion?

There are two options when creating a post on the Spitfire Audio Forum. If you are looking for an answer to a specific question, it is best to select "Ask a Question".

This will place your post in the "Unanswered" question queue- which is the first port of call for the moderators of the forum.

When you question is answered by a comment, you can also mark this as answered by clicking on the "Yes" hyperlink next to Did this answer the question?

This marks the forum question with the tag "Accepted Answer" which lets other members know that this question has already been answered and it will no longer appear in the "Unanswered" view.

Discussion is best used when you want to discuss a product or topic in general and are not looking for specific answers e.g. What are your Thoughts on Wondrous Flutes?

How to Tag a Member

If you type the '@' symbol followed by typing a members name, it will tag them in the post and notify them. This is the best way to get a members attention if you require a follow-up response to a comment they have made.

How Do I Embed Links?

We recommend embedding YouTube and Soundcloud links to keep members on your post and engaged in the discussion. To embed a link, click on the embed link button at the bottom of the post. Copy the URL (link) to the webpage/ media, and select "Insert".

Uploading Images and Making them Accessible

You can upload images and screenshots by selecting the picture icon at the bottom of the draft post, or by dragging and dropping the image into your post. You can then resize the image to Small, Medium, or Large and float the image to the Left, Right or Centre of the Screen using the icons in the options menu.

What Category Should I Post In?

Virtual Instruments

This is for anything discussions or questions about Spitfire Audio Products, or products from 3rd party manufacturers.

Tech Talk

This is for more general discussions about hardware such as physical instruments and the equipment community members use to make music.

Making Music

This is for specific discussions about techniques for recording and mixing, compositional advice, and sharing your work with the community.


This category is covers anything else that does not fit into the categories above.

How Do I Get In Touch With a Specific Member of The Spitfire Team?

Please try to avoid direct messaging members of the Spitfire Audio Team. This is because we are not always able to promptly respond to private messages and requests. You are more likely to get a quicker direct and private response using our support channels.

I Have an Issue With a Product But Nobody Has Responded?

If you have an urgent issue with a product that needs to be resolved, the quickest way to get a resolution is to contact support using the link above. If you wish to report a bug with a product, please always attach a screenshot of the patch you are using, an audio file that demonstrates the issue, and a MIDI file that corresponds to the audio file.

I Have Found An Issue With the Forum

Let us know by commenting on our specific thread here:

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