Spitfire Audio Forum: Bugs and Feedback

If you find any bugs or have any feedback for the Spitfire Audio Forum, please tag me (@Angus) in a comment on this post and I will endeavour to respond and report this to our Forum Host.

Please note that this is a post for Forum specific bugs and feedback. If you find any bugs or have any feedback with Spitfire Audio Products, please reach out to our support team at spitfireaudio.com/support.


  • @Angus ...is there a way to switch back to a LIGHT theme for the forum? My eyes and my mind break down with this white on black, dark theme, and I do enjoy coming here.

    And, yes, I would consider this a "bug", because it's enough a reason for me to avoid coming back, you know. I'd be very sad about that.

    But great that you keep working on the forum. It's always good to stay on the move! Maybe just a SETTINGS option to switch themes.

  • @Taron I take your point. It's just a setting for the Black Weekend. We'll revert back on Tuesday and I'll contact our forum provider to see if we can request a toggle if we do this again in the future.

  • AH, great, yeah, I was very much hoping that that's all. Black Friday madness.

    Thanks, Angus! Much appreciated and I'm glad! 👍️

  • I'm getting an odd bug I'm not seeing elsewhere - only in Aperture - The Stack, which I just downloaded (after buying other instruments I mainly didn't need but that's on me). First, I love the overall project, and am really enjoying the experience.

    Here's the bug.

    1. Go to Legends (this happens elsewhere - it just happens to be in front of me right now)
    2. When I use my nanoKONTROL2 slider assigned to CC1 to change expression, both expression and dynamics sliders move in tandem even though my CC11 slider can move dynamics independently. I am able to use other CCs independently (e.g., CC4 for control of The Knob)
    3. Also, I am getting a weird error, after removing assignments (Remove MIDI CC #), and then asking Aperture to Learn CC # Automation, which is a CC122 interferes with me teaching the new CC assignment. This continues to happen, and I've never seen this in other Spitfire Audio projects. This is very weird. I will research on my end to make sure Cubase 11 isn't throwing interference but since this is a brand new library and it's the only instance I've seen this, I wanted to let you all know.

    Thanks for producing a great library. I'm able to use my nanoKONTROL2 elsewhere with no issues (e.g., no CC122 issue or non-independent slider issue for expression/dynamics/other) so I'd love to see this work. Cheers!

  • Hi @jefskott99

    By default, Dynamics is assigned to CC1. Which is why when you connect Expression to CC1, both move at the same time. I'd highly recommend you programme your NanoKontrol to our default values, which will save you having to manually programme a plugin each time it is loaded.

    Full chart here: https://spitfireaudio.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360013834018-MIDI-CC-Chart-for-Spitfire-Audio-Libraries