Did the price of all instruments just go up overnight? [Solved]


Yesterday the price of all the instruments was in USD, when I checked website this morning everything is now in GBP.

For example, Spitfire Solo Violin was $99 yesterday and today it's £99. That's a pretty big price increase!

Is there an official reason for this price increase?


  • Nico
    Nico mod
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    Hi Simon. We trade in three currencies £/€/$, the one that applies to you will depend on where you are purchasing from — you can change this in your cart under "change billing country" from the dropdown menu and the currency will swap accordingly, please note this needs to match the country on your billing address.

    The prices between currencies are not direct exchange rates, they're based on consistency between our ranges. For example all Originals are £/$/€29.

  • Thanks for the quick response Nico!

    I made my first Spitfire purchase earlier this week and everything was in USD, not sure how it changed to GBP overnight.

    I just didn't realise you could change currency at the checkout :-)



  • Nico
    Nico mod
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    No problem, glad I could clear that up!