BBCSO Core - Very high CPU usage on Cubase 9.5


BBCSO core consumes a lot of CPU on Cubase 9.5, Win 10. Don't know why the real time performance peaks for just 10 instances of the plugin and I'm experiencing dropouts. Kindly help.

System spec - Intel 7920X, 32GB RAM. Buffer size set at 512.


  • Hi @Sivaramakrishnan

    Thanks for the post here. There could be a number of reasons why this might be happening. A good place to start may be to look at reducing the number of articulations, or by freezing (or disabling) tracks that are not in use.

    Have a look at this article on removing articulations.

    It may be worth increasing your DAW buffer size to see if that helps as well, or if you go to the plugin settings>Audio tab and increase the Preload Buffer Size (this loads more samples into RAM to reduce CPU strain).