Hello. I have BBC SO Core and really like it. I compose classical music with Reaper as my DAW.

i like to compose in short sections a few bars at a time. I use the mod wheel for dynamics. The problem I have is when I go back to carry on with my composition I find it difficult to carry on with the same mod wheel setting(s). Sometimes the “volume” is too high or too low. Am I missing something?


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    Hi @Glynn ,

    It might be that you have accidentally placed MIDI CC info in the Volume or Expression lanes alongside Dynamics. It's also worth noting that short technique (e.g. Staccato) dynamics are controlled via Velocity, and to have the full range, you need to pull the Dynamics fader all the way down.

    If you can unpack you issue a bit further, and perhaps provide a link to an Unlisted video on YouTube (for example) that may help us find diagnose the issue for you.

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  • I'm not quite sure what you are asking.

    Does the mod wheel stop sending dynamics data?

    Or is the mod wheel still sending dynamics data to the plugin, but the wrong dynamics are being played?

    Or something else?