VST3 integration with Magix Music Maker?

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Hi all,

I'm reasonably technically adept, but brand new to music composition software, MIDI, VST instruments and so on. Recently I got my hands on Magix Music Maker, 64-bit, version 29. I do realise that this is a child's toy compared to most pro DAW tools, but still there are many features beyond my current skill level, so I feel no pressing need to upgrade to something that would be better documented for integration with Spitfire Labs.

Having figured out how to use Music Maker's built in MIDI editor with some of the VST instruments from the Magix store, I thought that I would try out Spitfire Labs with the Amplified Cello Quartet (free) v.1.0.4. After installation, LABS VST3 appears in my VST instruments list and is selectable. The plugin launches itself when attached to my project, the software instrument panel opens and properly mutes and unmutes itself when the instrument is selected for play/rec/mute, and it makes noise in my monitor when I interact with the keyboard manually in the instrument panel.

Here's my problem: unlike my other VST instruments, when I program any sequence of notes in the MIDI editor, the plugin never makes a sound. Not a peep. I've tested with programmed notes all over the range from C-2 to C8 and nothing.

Surely I am doing something pants-on-head stupid, but I don't know how to begin troubleshooting. Help?

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    Hi @mxh

    If you do not have any errors in the LABS plugin, I would be firmly looking at Magix as the issue here- and would recommend you contact their support team.

    One thing you can check, is that the LABS plugin is reading from the correct MIDI Channel. If you keep the plugin on "Any", it can read from any MIDI Channel.


  • Angus, thanks for the response. I have MIDI channel set to ANY but no dice. I did also try setting the MIDI channel on both the VST instrument and the MIDI editor manually to match, but no change.

    While LABS is not throwing any obvious errors, I can't tell what's going on with the MIDI signal. I found a log file named lm.log in my user profile, but there are no events in there that correspond with my latest attempts to run the VST3 from Music Maker. I don't see anything in my Windows application logs.

    This is an example of the log output under my profile/com.spitfireaudio when I select a Cello Quartet patch and then press play in MM:

    [18 May 2021 1:03:57.351] (tid:0000000000001810) Attempting to Load Patch: LABS_ECQ_Long_Tension (v1.0.2)

    [18 May 2021 1:03:57.351] (tid:0000000000001810)        Got Patch: LABS_ECQ_Long_Tension (v1.0.2)

    [18 May 2021 1:03:57.351] (tid:0000000000001810) Impulse response file: <ID:200207>

    [18 May 2021 1:03:57.352] (tid:0000000000001810) Impulse response file: <ID:200207>

    [18 May 2021 1:03:57.353] (tid:0000000000001810)        Patch ID : 15

    [18 May 2021 1:03:57.360] (tid:0000000000001810) Loaded factory preset

    [18 May 2021 1:04:15.780] (tid:0000000000001810) Transport Reset

    [18 May 2021 1:04:16.960] (tid:0000000000001810) Transport Reset

    [18 May 2021 1:04:38.000] (tid:0000000000001810) Transport Reset

    Does that look indicative of anything at all?

  • Well, if anyone else encounters this issue: the Spitfire Labs VST2 plugin will work out of the box - select labs (64-bit). I never got the VST3 to work and damned if I can figure out the issue. As far as I can tell, VST3 plugins from other vendors, such as Ample Bass P Lite, work fine with Magix. Shrugs.

  • @mxh please reach out to support at www.spitfireaudio.com/support if you want this to be looked into.

  • Hi, I have another issue with Music maker and labs vst. I installed the vst patches in a D: drive and added their paths into Magix Music Maker. I can select for example the electric piano and it works fine. But when I save my project and reload it, Magic Music maker gives a fault message that it can't find labs, and then the music I recorded is back the sound of my Yamaha keyboard. So, Music Maker doesn't save the labs vst application change I've made to the track... Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong here?

  • Hi @DIrkske

    I've created a support ticket for you so we can investigate- though my initial thought would be that this is a Music Maker bug.

  • I'm having the same problem described by Dirkske