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BBC SO Piano?

Is the Piano patch still coming to the BBC SO, or has this changed? I know it was talked about and I believe it was more of a when than an if at one point, but I am really hoping this wasn't dropped.



  • Second this!

  • Dito

  • I'm also more interested in seeing more from the BBC venture than the Abbey Road venture.

    C'mon BBC and SFA, give us what we need! :)

  • I don't recall them saying this; I think a bunch of people WANTED this. Me included.

    I got the orchestral grand on piano day, and it works well. There's also a ton over on pianobook for free. Also orchestraltools has a free one in the "factory" section.

  • https://youtu.be/x4tb4BH1tM4?t=994

    No, it's definitely been thrown around in videos. Christian pretty much said what Angus said, but it was a while ago and we didn't know how long Covid was gonna shut us down for at the time.

    I hope they still get around to it, if not, that's fine too. :)

  • I would whole heartedly agree. I’ve just purchased the Core version of the BBC SO. Having a Steinway Grand piano included seems a bit of an omission to this library, but it would be great if this was included as part of the next update. I would also like the library to be a bit more flexible in terms of being able to purchase individual solo/lead string instruments that come with the pro version, or the ability to purchase other specific instruments, without necessarily requiring the more extensive pro mic positions.

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