Abbey Road One plugin not multitimbral?

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Question is - can I use only 1 instrance of this plugin and for example assign 16 midi tracks (or at least 8) to different presets for example - MIDI CH1 to Low Strings, MIDI CH2 to Brass, CH3 to Percussion etc? I mean like in Kontakt where in one Kontakt instance I can load many presets (and even from different libraries) and assign them to specified MIDI tracks.

As if I want to individually record Low strings, Woodwinds, some full orchestra chords and percussion from this Abbey Road One library - will I need individual instance for each midi track and preset?

I saw some youtube videos from Spitfire channel where the presented some 80-track heavy projects and does it mean they used 80 instances for any individual preset and sound?

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  • Yes you need to load each individual articulation/instrument, but the instances aren't actually separate instances. The plugin won't eat extra processing/RAM by existing on multiple tracks. If you check the top left corner, you can see the total RAM you are taking up using the plugin, and it goes up every time you load a new instrument/articulation.

    You have to manually load each and every section/articulation as a separate track (unless you have a template that does this). There are no multi-timbral settings for the new plugin (at least like in Kontakt).