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Hi I am demoing Ableton and I really like the upright that comes with it. Is this available outside of ableton? If not what might be the closest piano to this? Thanks!


  • Nada.... Ok... What are some of your favorite upright libraries?

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    Hi @Dallon - sorry we missed this! The Spitfire Audio Upright included in Live 11 is exclusive to Ableton, so you won't find this exact sample library anywhere else.

    I would highly recommend checking out our OPW library which is one of my fave upright piano sample libraries, plus it includes some really fun percussive and textural patches.

    Another incredible upright in our piano arsenal is Firewood Piano. It's got a pretty unique sound due to having a cracked bridge, but this characteristic is what makes it such a fun tool, in my opinion. Certainly not for everyone!

    And, not to completely overwhelm you - we have a guide which briefly breaks down all of our piano libraries if you'd like to have a browse!

  • Cool. Yeah I have the originals felt and it's nice but I think it is far too dark sounding. I discovered the opw a couple of months after I bought the felt and should have picked up that one!

  • Sooooo... I purchased the OPW kit and.... I am not in love with it. I really love the upright in Ableton, it is clean sounding, it has minimal hammer sound and it is just a beautiful piano. I am currently demoing Ableton Live 11 suite and fell in love with this piano. I think my complaint about spitfire pianos is that they are very moody and muddy sounding. I would like to remove the hammer attack sound and increase the release. For example the Release feature is not available in OPW on the piano sound, so it sounds unnatural. It is a beautiful piano, but it needs to have more abilities to tweak it and I think it would be much better.