Spring sale?

Is BBCSO Pro likely to go on sale this spring? Any idea when they will do this? Cheers!


  • I'm waiting for spring sale too.

  • They have a "new customer' thing going for 25% off using code 'SCORE2021'

  • The spring sale is usually at the end of May. Typically, all libraries are 40% off, except for the $29 Originals and SA Recordings libraries, and any libraries which are less than a year old (these go back to their intro pricing, which is usually somewhere between 20% and 30% off).

    If you want to pick up BBCSO Core or Pro when it is 40% off during the sale, be sure that you already have gotten your free copy of BBCSO Discover. You just need to fill out a survey and wait two weeks. If you don't have Discover yet, there is still time to get it in time for the sale as long as you fill out the survey in the next day or two. When you own Discover and are upgrading to Core or Pro, the cost of Discover is discounted on top of the 40% off, even if you got Discover for free instead of paying the $49 to get it immediately.