The spitfire app and what could be improved

I want to start out by saying I am really happy with spitfire products. They sound great and are generally easy to use.

Regarding the app, I think there should be some changes.

  1. I would like to be able to uninstall libraries within the app.
  2. We should be able to reset our entire collection ourselves without needed to contact spitfire in order to do it. I am referring to labs products and originals products. I am currently waiting for spitfire to reset my libraries again because I have reached a max reset.... That is very odd considering that I purchased the libraries.
  3. I would like to be able to choose whether or not to install vst, au, or aax files.
  4. There should be an install all and uninstall all feature as well.

Moving sample libraries to new folders should be easy, instead I have to repair all the libraries and it takes quite a while to download the files needed, etc. This should be a very simple process.

That is all I have for now! Thank you for all the fantastic libraries!!!!


  • I actually think a list view might be better with boxes to check for what we want to install, reset, etc. The current view with the icons are nice, but not practical. Uvi portal does a pretty good job at this

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    Hi @Dallon,

    We are currently working on a brand new version of the App, which we hope to release later this year. Whilst I cannot provide much detail on how it will look and what it will do, I can say that we are looking to directly address all the points you have made here (particularly no.2!)

    In the meantime, you can actually move libraries without incurring the "contact support" message:

  • I forgot to mention, also a stand alone version would be perfect! Sometimes I just want to open a library and play.

  • Todd_M
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    I'm on day two trying to install Hammers with the Spitfire Audio App. The app will download about 2 or 3 gigs then it will go idle. Pressing the pause button causes the app to freeze where I have to force-quit then re-launch. This process must be repeated over and over until all 100 gigs are downloaded. I noticed this same behavior two months ago with the last library I installed, but it was much smaller so it didn't take take very long or annoy me as much. I have another very large library to install and anticipate another two day process.

    Is my experience unique or are there others?

    In terms of improvements, I would just be happy if like app fulfilled its core function.

    Thank you. Any advice is appreciated.

    Mac OS 10.14.6

  • I had the same experience with BBC Core but in my case the download stopped at 781 files over 784. This afternoon I had to contact the support for resolve the problem. They told me that it might be an unzipping problem. I’m still waiting the definitive answer!

  • I had an issue with the Olafur Arnalds Stratus library: The app showed it as installed, Native Access accepted the serial number but then Native Access wouldn't recognize the folder. Seems that folders and the nicnt file were missing. I had to do a second download but I opted for a Reset and then chose Update rather than install. That got me a functioning download that Native Access recognized. FWIW, the "update" was a full, second installation.

  • Hi @Todd_M

    Sorry to hear about your experience here. I've created a Zendesk ticket so one of our agents can follow up with you on this.

    @StefanoRean glad you were able to resolve the issue with our support team!

  • @Paj this sounds like it might have been a failed install originally. Particularly with some of our Kontakt libraires, double the space of the library size is required during installation- so always best to make sure you have plenty of storage spare before downloading and double checking the product page for install stats.

  • I'm reasonably sure free space wasn't the issue---There was over 3.5TB free on the drive.

  • rodvik
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    I am having the same issue with Stratus, it will not do a complete install. It says it does but in fact doesnt finish the process and Native Access cant find the files it needs because they are not present. I am on my 4th reinstall now and it still hasnt taken yet.

    Stratus is the first Kontakt library I have had this issue with. This same drive has already got installed and downloaded other Spitfire products like BBC, Abbey Road etc so I dont think its related to the Spitfire App which has always worked fine for me.

    I am on a windows rig on an external SSD 2TB T7 via usb-c.

    I will keep plugging away and try it on the internal drive. I will file a ticket it I cant fix it but yeah, its still an issue. Might be worth looking into.

  • In answer to this that fixed it. I then copied it back to the external and everything was fine. So if you run into this maybe thats helpful. Oh and Stratus sounds beautiful right out the box. Great job.

  • @rodvik I created a Zendesk ticket for you and then scrolled down to discover you found a solution. Nevertheless, I've emailed you via Zendesk just to double check everything is okay now. Have a good weekend!

  • I don't have kontakt, nor will I ever have it. I want to commit to the spitfire instruments, but I can't seem to find out if the instruments they sell work in that app. Like the Hans Zimmer pack, it says you need X amount of gb and kontakt, but kontakt player is free.

  • Similarly, I don’t have a large collection of sample libraries, but those I do all run in their own GUI, which I like and am comfortable with. Investors looked. At Kontakt, but I really don’t want to use it for a variety of reasons.

    However, there is still a large number of Spitfire Libraries that require Kontakt. My question to Spitfire is, is this likely to change and evolve? Are new products likely to run using the Spitfire GUI? Are older products likely to be migrated over from Kontakt at some point? Is it an easy process?


  • Hi @philh27

    I can't discuss whether future products will continue to use Kontakt. As for converting older libraries into the new plugin format, there is some historical precedent for this with our Originals series, but in the meantime our flagship libraries such as the Albion range and SSO will remain in Kontakt.

  • Thanks Angus. Apologies for the weird auto correct. ‘Investors looked. At Kontakt’??? 🤔

  • It could actually start running again. Just stopped booting up (perpetual dial graphic). Always a nice thing right after a purchase. A big confidence builder for the VST versions products.

  • A server getting temporarily over-worked? The app did eventually boot up and got it all downloaded and installed. On the bright side, it looks like the current version of the app picks up from where it lost it and not all the way from the beginning. Definitely in a mood improved. There were some weird behaviors when subsequently updating some flagged Originals libraries (two flags on a library, one of which said that I couldn't load an older version of the library; I had to Repair the same libraries twice in order for the flags to go away).

    How nice and time-saving it would be to have that old Continuata option of not deleting the downloaded RAR/ZIP files.



  • Still waiting🤯😂