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Hi forum and most important --> @Spitfire Audio

I've been copying and pasting screen grabs of the BBC library articulations to attach to my Streamdeck keys, see images below. I use the Midi Button plugin, but I guess anything that sends out midi data will do.

I wouldn't mind sharing them if OK with Spitfire, I do understand that it will be a design/copyright question since I'm not the one creating the images. Nor do I want any credit. The icons saves a lot of time for me when working with the library. And I'd like to pay it forward.

You'll still need to create the functions, naming and connect the right image etc... So this is not a finished Streamdeck patch only the images from the plugin.

If not OK for me to share perhaps Spitfire would consider uploading them?

Sorry if this already exists.



Free samples at


  • Angus
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    Hi @Anders Wall,

    This is fine to share with other BBC SO users, as long as it is not monetised. It should be noted that Spitfire do not hold the rights to the BBC SO logo (or Kontakt for that matter), so you should seek permission from those organisations before sharing publicly.

  • Hi @Angus !

    Ah, great thank you for your reply. Yes those bottom row pictures are not part of the icons and would not be included. Only pictures from within the actual plugin.

    I'll try and find the time to create a simple YouTube video showing how to set this up and will then update this post.

    Kind Regards,


    Free samples at

  • Hi Anders!

    I would be interested in your icons.. Have you been able to share them yet?