BBCSO thumbnail and audio previews missing (NI Maschine 2.11)

I recently moved my audio to an external hard drive including my copy of BBCSO Discover and LABS. I'm using Windows 7 (x64) and attempting to use both BBCSO Discover and Labs in NI Maschine 2.0.

I had some problems initially with both BBCSO Discover and LABS but after some tweaking the instruments are all working fine but the thumbnail and preview audio for BBCSO Discover is missing.

I've tried repairing the software using the Spitfire App and resetting databases (deleting favorites.db3 file and rebooting etc).

After some research it seems the appropriate thumbnail folder might be missing from the following folder: C:\Users\Public\Documents\NI Resources\image

Is anybody able to advise? Or better still send me a copy of the folder with the thumbnail image that should be contained here?

As for the preview audio I'm not sure what to suggest as I'm not sure where the preview audio files are meant to be located?

Any help much appreciated.

Many thanks,