Best all round drum/percussion library

Hi I was wondering what would be the best all round persuasion library to get?

I have the BBCSO Pro library which has some good percussion on it, but I am looking for a library that is a little more varied and ideally use for both orchestral pieces but also regular song writing.

Any ideas?


  • Have you evaluated 'Percussion' in Labs, the Labs 'Drums' and the Labs 'Vintage Drums' ? The sound quality is dificult to fault. The price is peerless. Where they lack utility is in having no tool for pattern building / ostinatum, and no means to instantly pull down or push up the volume for individual hits within the library. Having said that, the actual sound quality usually betters that available within the pattern builder within my DAW.

    You don't stipulate what 'regular song writing' is. For some people this might be R&B, bhangra, hip-hop. rap, hand over one ear drony folk, their nose pipe ensemble, Norwegian death metal, electro-swing, latin/cuban music, ska ... the list of 'regular' could go on and on. And some of the 'regular' might have percussive instruments that are core to the style.

    The Inder Goldfinger Percussion is good VFM and offers an ostinatum - albeit within the constraints of Kontak or Komplete Kontrol and the huge screen / magnifying glass that entails, and would sign off the bhangra. I've not yet encountered jazz brushes within a Spitfire package. It doesn't mean they are not there - some of the Albion producst spread wide in their genres. It's probably best to (a) search the Spitfire Audio shop on percussion (b) give a bigger, better brief - incuding your budget?

    Hope you find what you are looking for.

  • Thank you for you reply.

    When I said regular songs I just mean guitar or piano driven songs. Mainly folky types of music although recent songs have had quite a jazzy feel,

    I should have been clearer.

    My main use, however, is for my music degree which is focused on composition and primarily orchestral music. For this, I'm looking for something that I can use in notation software, so different techniques are important that can be triggered in the notation (I notice online for example, that the Joey Burgess drums has a Dorico playback map which is very useful). I am looking for a wide range of percussion sounds as possible.

    No real budget constraints - if it is the right product. I don't like modular stuff as it just becomes never ending.

  • I hope the studying goes well. I have BBSO Core and its percussion section is much more limited that the one in the other (3rd party) Symphony orchestra I own. However, I am neither a student nor a pro, so utilizing things like Labs is good for me - Labs built the 'chug' in a recent reggae song and provided the whistles and other percussive elements ued in the song.

    If money is not an issue, have you looked at the new Abbey Road Percussion packages (High - 61 instruments, 391 articulations), (Low - 20 drums, 61 techniques)? If you are interested, maybe mail support (they are responsive & very helpful) regarding integration with notation software. Currently there's a 50% off offer, but I believe you may qualify for the 30% education discount outside this.

    All the best for your future in music!