News on LABS Ventura compatibilty?

Is there any news on Ventura compatibility for LABS?

Those of us with new computers would love to get a working version of LABS.


  • Hi @[email protected] - officially still 'no', but according to another discussion (link), M1-compatible plugins are thought to work on Ventura; and that includes LABS. Have you tried it and had problems, or just been holding off until it's officially compatible?

  • Have all the LABS instrument installed but only have 3 show up in the plug-in, very weird.

    All my Originals work fine.

  • Hi @[email protected], Yes, that is strange, but since the Labs plug-in is working with some patches then I doubt it's a Ventura issue. I'm guessing the instruments were migrated from your old machine (or from Monterey)? I think I lost some Labs patches when I migrated to my current laptop too, but I'm reinstalling them as I need them without any problems... so 'repairing all Labs' (link here) or installing the missing patches might fix them for you too?

  • All good now, I spent 2 days re-downloading every single library including all my Originals.

    Seems ludicrous to have to do that seeing I had all the files already on the drive already in the correct directory. The repair function needs to be able to work that out so we don't waste our time and Spitfires bandwidth. Currently I gather the repair function only downloads the presets files without looking at the location of the samples.

  • Glad it's working, @[email protected]. I thought we were just talking about Labs, and I'm not sure about the licensing on those. But paid-for products would almost certainly have needed a "repair" - even if samples were in the right place - because the licence is tied to hardware identifiers that will be different on your new computer. That should only involve a "repair" to licence your new hardware and download fresh preset files, though; the sample files should have been fine as they were.

    I think a "reset", on the other hand, does re-download everything. I find the naming is pretty confusing, and it doesn't reflect the potentially very large impact of picking the wrong one... the "repair" option may even complain about "running out of *resets*"! (Personally, I think "re-authorise" and "re-download" would be better names, but that's just me.)

  • Sorry to bump a two month old post. But wondering if there is any news on Ventura compatibility for LABS? The latest statement found here: Haven't been updated for three months. And the only thing I have left to wait on before updating is Spitfire Labs. :'D

  • For what its worth I have Ventura running on a Mac Studio M1 and Labs is fine.