Originals Choir ideas: Solos and War Chants

Dear Spitfire Audio,

I have been frequently asking for the release of the final Abbey Road selection (Heavenly High Strings) as I am sure you are now well aware of, but you will be glad to know that this is another matter altogether.

As a composer with a small budget, I do not have access to some of the highest quality plugins for my scores, and Originals have been some of the most important tools in my compositions. If I am not using AR1 or a scoring selection, I am either using a Labs or Originals, and chances are I am using all of them at once.

Your release of Originals Epic Choir has been one of the best plugins I have ever used. Its short chants are an excellent way of designing a cohesive sound with a variety of syllables that make it sound just like a real choir. However, I do have a request that I am sure a lot of composers would really enjoy. Is there any chance you could a simple Originals: Solo Male and Female Legatos? I know that they are highly expressive, but it would add so much more emotion to the scores created by other composers who use your products. It doesn't have to carry a lot of different syllables like the first choir plugin, but an Oo and Ah, would be perfection! Just imagine what a solo voice would sound like after a massive Orchestral piece was finished--it would be the cherry on the top! I know that asking a legato in an Originals would be quite a lot, but it would be one of your best originals!

Secondly, how about Originals: Epic War Chants? After the groundbreaking work you have done with the epic Choir, I could only imagine what a huge studio of male war chants would sound like. In a situation where one would have to score a tribal battle scene, or a huge fight with a fire breathing dragon, war chants would be excellent for a choir plugin. It is also the next logical step. If you can create a choir with multiple syllables that can rotate easily in use, War Chants would be amazing to hear. Thundering percussion, deep brass setting the mood, and epic war chants dominating the main melody. It's pure perfection for a powerful score.

If Originals are supposed to give composers something new to add to their scores, or be a cheaper way of forming a blockbuster soundtrack, then shouldn't there be something more for us than just another string, piano, or wurli plugin? Granted there have been gems among your new lineup, like the rare flutes, but what some composers like myself desire, are something of a little more expression. Just one Legato female solo would be excellent for us! It would add expression, heartbreak, romance, all of the emotions that just one voice could tell in a flurry of orchestral majesty! The solo would bring the delicate touch of wonder and beauty to the score, while the war chants bring the fury and power.

Please Spitfire, I would love to hear your thoughts on this idea, and I would be grateful to know if anyone else would support my position.

Once more here are the names: Originals: Solo Male and Female Legatos, and Originals: Epic War Chants.

Spitfire Audio, it is the perfect compliment to the Epic Choir you have released last year.

If you will not release the high strings, then produce a new era of vocal plugins for a price that we can all afford. It is something that many other companies are able to deliver on. Audio Imperia, to name one, has an incredible lineup of solos, but the price is far beyond my reach. I'm sure that between your dedicated plugin setup, the new way your are redefining choir plugins, and being one of the best quality companies out there, these two originals could be something you could deliver on with ease. And it would be something that composers from around the world would be willing to pay every cent, to own such an affordable gem.

I look forward to hearing everyone's thoughts on this matter.



  • Originals are, in essence, scoring tools. I too like this one and use it extensively. I also use Originals Intimate Grand Piano as my 'go to'. However, I doubt you will ever see a legato version of this. Just as you are unlikely to find a legato version of Originals Epic Strings or Originals Intimate Strings released. It would detract from sales of more expensive Spitfire products. Furthermore, there are other suppliers in the marketplace offering full legato choirs in their 'flash sales' at between $50 to $80 (I have some), so what would be the incentive for Spitfire Audio to develop such a product? However, if the price were 'right' in one of the Spitfire Audio sales, I'd buy the Eric Whitacre Choir for its quality and flexibility and huge range of articulations.

    As for the 'War chants' Originals Epic Choir is capabale of polyphony and you can run multiple track instances in a DAW. So it's not difficult to build your own. I have a piece where there's a call-response counterpoint based on a male 'war' chant ostinato.

  • @FreedomRingsStudio thanks for your feedback, comments, and concerns; I will be more than happy to pass them along to the relevant team for review.