Twelve-tone composition with Studio Strings


I'm sharing one of five twelve-tone compositions I wrote using Studio Strings. These are fairly straightforward twelve tone compositions. I was looking in to Coltrane and post-Coltrane saxophonists and the relationship to composers like Shönberg and Block hoping to improve my chromatic improvisation and writing. I've also written these out with slightly different articulations for string quartet using Solo Strings and Alternative Solo Strings for the mock-up.

With my photo from Þingvellir State Park because I would love to be able to live in Reykjavik at some point.

Any feedback welcome. Thank you for listening.




  • Hello Fran, Thanks for sharing this. I like it a lot. I love the textures and the shifting emotional responses it calls up for me.

  • Keep composing!

  • Interesting and unsettling, just as 12 tone serialism can only end up being like, hehe. Along the way the strings can have some moments when they sound quite nice, but for the most part they almost feel like a digital Melotron, which suggests to me that you still have to explore using more of their dynamic abilities, swelling, simply controlling the modulated flow of their dynamic layers. This could add to the curious drama/non-drama that folds in and out of those note orders and helps create a stronger sense of orientation in a different dimension, so to say, which is weight and intensity by means of their dynamic composition.

    Keep it coming, though, that's for sure! 👍️

  • This sounds cool. Great production 🔥