I need "follow midi velocity instructions" in LABS (Percussion)

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I use today Percussion in LABS. This and other sample packs are incredibly good!

But there is one big snag, because LABS does not follow the velocity instructions in a midi file, unlike almost any other plugin. This becomes cumbersome and annoying when you need to vary the velocity, since you would need to create several midi items to achieve the wanted velocity variations.

Is there a way to convince LABS to follow instructions from a standard midi file? If not, this would be my suggestion: Add that feature to LABS to make it perfect. (not all people are using a keyboard for midi input. MANY people does not).


  • Hi @chj - for the plug-in, velocity in a MIDI file is the same as velocity from a keyboard. LABS Percussion definitely responds to velocity variations. I suspect your MIDI is setting modulation (MIDI CC#1) to a high value, or the Dynamics slider in the plug-in is turned up? This will restrict the plugin to only high velocities (i.e. it acts as a velocity compressor) so you lose the variation. To fix it, just set the modulation to zero, and this will open up the full range of velocity responses.