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The Most Beautiful Synth Of All Time?

I don't know if you've seen @Christian 's new video about his choice? https://youtu.be/GSiJS93H6Kk

or Andrew Huang's video about his choice? https://youtu.be/kZQ9BQuHhwc

But of all the synths in the world - which do you think is THE MOST BEAUTIFUL?


  • I'll start with my vote for the Moog Matriarch - I'm a sucker for colours!

  • That’s an amazing synth in Christian’s video - I would have to +1 that.

    £26k well spent 🎶

  • Sarah
    Sarah admin
    25 Likes 10 Comments Spitfire Employee

    My Moog Werkstatt-01 <3 <3 <3

  • I fully realize that this indelibly dates me, but. . .

    (didn't sound too bad, either)

  • My vote goes to... <drum roll>

    The Hartmann Neuron

  • jwing
    edited June 9

    I assume you're talking aesthetically/externally? I'd be torn between the Jupiter-8, Prophet-5, Arp 2600, Minimoog Model D, or Yamaha CS80. The winner might be the Prophet because it looks always looked so classy to me with that gorgeous wood chassis and black/silver knobs.

    For the record I own none of these synths 😭

  • Another vote for the Synclavier for me, the akai Ax80 and Yamaha Dx1 certainly look cool, very inspiring.

    The only Arturia synth i was impressed with is the Synclavier.

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