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I loved what SpiteFire was.

I continue to recognize the value you bring through your work, the creation of vst, supporting the musician in the modern technological age, being passionate about -> EXPRESSION.

But I decided to calm down with your products. Even though I was not a big contributor.

You are wrong. You are very wrong and you are losing my support.

Yes, I'm talking about the Christian Hanson case.

Every person should have the right to critical thinking without being intimidated. This is the basis of democracy. A man has the right to have different convictions than ours. You can act with argument to convince the other but not violence.

Harassment is violence. That's a fact.

Christian is one of the founders of this company, but also the living, honest heart that made me love Spitefire. Then I discovered other beautiful souls. I am very sad to see him give in to this pressure. But I understand the need for self-preservation.

Just because the LGBTQIA+ community is heavily involved in the arts, music, and is very vindictive, you shouldn't coop with this.

Not everything is good for maintaining a business. Spitefire CEO you made a major mistake.

Know that there is a vast silent majority who believe that F R E E D O M of E X P R E S S I O N should not be suppressed by fanaticism.

Spitefire, you alienate yourself this now speaking majority.

Sylvain Watremez


  • Sébastien
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    I miss Christian because I feel he was brain and spirit. He also is loyal and frank.

    Overall it feels like the best guy left.

    Politics, religion, any private matter shouldn't intricate with professionnal business (which is much a american thing: destroying careers because of private stuff). And this goes both ways, naturally. Another take on woke totalitarism and virtue signaling with business/marketing aim.

    AND sheep thinking, which is really a turnover when you consider Spitfire's greatness.

  • KeithCocker123
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    I have to agree with most in theses two posts. Freedom of expression is such a precious thing in society. And at the moment it is under threat from many quarters - right and left if you want to use conventional labels. To my mind that should be of great concern to an artistic community particularly. Having said that, I feel no need to "dissociate" myself from Spitfire or call it names. I believe Spitfire made a mistake in this area but one mistake doesn't ruin a good relationship.

  • thank you so much 1inspire for speaking up! You definitively have my support with this post! You expressed my feelings exactly when I heard about this whole "controversy"

  • Thanks for sharing everyone, and Spencer, thanks for your words of encouragement,

    it's much appreciated.

    It was not easy to decide to take a stand.

    Overall, music helps to transcend our differences. I felt this all situation as an attack on these principle for social, cultural and political opinions that not everyone shares.

    I first wanted to take a stand for the music of which Christian, I think, is one of the best friends, a passionate music's friend who helps others to be included in the production, someone who brings together, appreciates the music, the sensitivity... overall a person who shares life energy with us.

    Plus, I wanted to remind SpiteFire as a brand that taking a stand for this or that community, on such a controversial and divisive subject, has its share of consequences.

    Personally, I felt flabbergasted, anger then disgust in the face of this situation and the weight of a destructive lobby is worrying, especially in a passion that I love and which was preserved until now.

    So I wish you a beautiful music journey ahead. to all.

  • I live in Canada and only found out about all of this thanks to this post. I absolutely couldn't agree more with You 1nspire so thank You for speaking out!

    If we claim to be for everyone, and Spitfire claims to be a company of inclusivity and freedom of musical expression, why do we close that "revolving door" as it were as soon as someone agrees with an expression that may be apposed to an overwhelmingly loud narrative? A mans life is being messed with because he has something to say about something that has kept people in silence, has made the air thick and hard to breathe, and has ruined the careers and works of some of the most beautiful, gifted, and giving souls of this world.

    Tearing things down is easy. Building things up from nothing is incredibly difficult. Spitfire I sincerely hope You rise above this. You are greater and better than this. Do not be reluctant to speak up for your family member. If your company should ever go down, it should go down the same way it came up, united. That's integrity.

    You have an opportunity and a responsibility to act on what you've created. Please do not be silent. Please do not become the tyranny that is trying to separate You. This is not Love. I love all of You at Spitfire, you guys have blessed me and enriched my life with your incredible passion for this most universal language. I thank You so much!!

    You guys know who Christian is better than anyone. I only know him through his teachings and music. Through his music though I know he has a deep sense of compassion for this world, else it wouldn't move me and I've yet to be moved by groups of people who criticize the world instead of participate in its potential and in the expansion of love.