Best Library for Newbie


I am new to Spitfire and I'm looking for a good library to start with. I'm considering Albion One. I am writing primarily for podcasts, short films, my own music, etc.

I welcome any input.

Thank you,


  • In my humble opinion, Albion One is a great library if you are a beginner or experienced composer. It just has so much stuff packed into it: Orchestra, synths, percussion, brunel loops, I recently rediscovered and used some Legacy patches that I forgot were in there. It just has a lot and it is worth it, especially if you can get it on sale. If you are able to wait until the Spring Sale, I would highly recommend doing so.

    The one thing to be aware of is that the orchestra is grouped by section, not by instrument. For example, for the brass you will have Brass High, Brass Mid, and Brass low, but you do not have just one instrument like Trumpets playing on their own. This is by no means a bad thing and if that fits your style then great. But if your style is more classically oriented with writing each instrument separately rather than in sections you may want to look into BBSCO Core.