Spitfire Audio and the London Symphony Orchestra

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This has had me thinking the past few months. I know Spitfire has the BBC Orchestra, but BBCSO definitely feels like it's more of a broad brush, check all the boxes type of library. Fantastic library and versatile, but not solely focused on film. With Spitfire's partnership with Abbey Road, this made me wonder - will Spitfire release a library based on the famous LSO? What are your guys' thoughts on that? Would you like for them to do that? I personally think it would be AMAZING to see a Spitfire Audio LSO library that was part of the Abbey Road collection!


  • The LSO is great, but the Symphony Orchestra sound is the Symphony Orchestra sound.

    Not sure what you're thinking would be different if they sampled LSO rather than BBCSO?

    I'm actually really entirely baffled why you'd suggest the LSO is 'Solely focused on film'. They LSO has played on some fantastic film soundtracks, but, they're a symphony orchestra. I can't speak for them, but I'd assume that they'd find it offensive to say that they're "Solely focused on film", because it's totally not the case and would undermine their legacy.

    The orchestra is over 100 years old!

    LSO (and other Symphony orchestras) have record in Abbey Road One, but, as far as I'm aware, this is just business transactions and logistics (usually at the request of a composer), and I don't think AR and LSO are a joint business venture (I could be wrong) so if they did work with Spitfire and get sampled, I'd doubt that it'd be part of the Abbey Road range.


    All that said, I think it'd be cool, but also a very strange business move as it'd cannabalize other existing products (BBCSO and AR1) and probably not bring much to the table, especially as it'd cost an extreme amount of money to hire the LSO and Abbey Road One, etc.

    I'd rather they keep improving upon and expanding existing libraries/series, and coming up with new creative ideas (Like the EVOs and Drama Toolkits, Albions, Etc) :)

  • Definitely had no intention to offend. However, the point I was trying to make was the fact that outside of the United States based orchestras, such as the Hollywood Symphony Orchestra, the LSO has recorded the most when it comes to film. Having scored 200 of them starting way back in the 1920's. When I said "Solely" I was mainly referring to this fact. After Star Wars they became the orchestra to get. Abbey Road gave the room, the LSO provided the rest. Maybe I'm wrong, but I still see a difference if an LSO library ever got released. Mainly in how they would be conducted and sampled. BBCSO provides the users with a complete orchestra, one that's very versatile and can go into all sorts of styles. To me, most people will recognize the LSO for their film scores especially for Star Wars. Thus this would give whatever sample company the freedom to conduct the LSO the same they would be for a film score.

    My apologies for suggesting that the LSO is only focused on film. I'll be honest in that I'm not that familiar with them outside of their film work. You know what they say about assuming haha. I still think there would be a big difference between the two and I would be excited for that. But that's just me!

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    The LSO is a fantastic orchestra and a favorite of mine too. It's symphonic but crisp, refreshing and agile in sound like drinking water from a mountain stream. It would be amazing to have as a dedicated vst plugin. Simon Rattle is a major part of the current sound too and he is leaving soon.

  • Digiclassic, speaking of Simon Rattle, there's a great story told by Patrick Doyle on Score: The Podcast about working with him on the Henry V soundtrack. It's a great episode, well worth checking out.