The libraries on LABs seem to work but an Error #1 message persists. Is there a way I can fix this?

Hi, I have just installed LABs onto a new computer. I have gone through the process of installing the libraries onto an external HD.

I have stored my previous LABs files for the other laptop on this same HD but i've got a separate folder for these new installations.

My issue is that even though the libraries are working, I keep getting an Error #1 popup every time I open to VST or change the instrument within LABs. Is there a way that I can get rid of this? It's really annoying to have this Error message pop up constantly.


  • i have to re build all my tracks i was working and for the hundreds of tracks i used spitfire on that arnt on this album are surly wrecked aswell thank you that was alot of time and money wasted. what ever your doing on the backend needs to stop first im getting error 4 than error 1 and now some sounds dont play without error.