Trying to reach Spitfire support since almost a week now but no reply whatsoever - HELP!

Dear All,

Am quite desperate as I can't use my Spitfire BBCSO since almost a week and no reply from Sputfire support despite several support tickets...

I cannot use my BBCSO because I ran out of resets while I was trying to install the libraries on my external SSD to use from Desktop and laptop (as per Spitfire workaround post for external drive with 2 computers). I got my Albion Colossus working but BBCSO has a red exclamation mark and when I'm trying to repair it into the external SSD, I get the "No resets left please contact support" message - which I'm trying to do since last week but no answer.

Please help me to use my purchased product again.

Thank you very much and kind regards (Hope this time somebody will come forward...)



  • Hi Matthias, as far as I know only the help desk can reset your repair count. I had the issue with HZ strings when I had to switch from Intel to Native several times. I would just reopen a ticket.

    Question is what you had already downloaded till you ran out of space on your SSD. if you already have a BBCSO directory on your SSD with subdirectories for e.g. samples you might try locating your BBCSO plugin and library location directly in your DAW and check if it works.

    As you are out of repair options you might also experiment reinstalling but the counter for repair and reinstall might be connected. In any case Repair in general repairs the plugin and presets but does not complete an incomplete download as far as I know. Other option: Have you tried to install the free Discovery BBCSO version. If you have that you at least have the plugin running and you might even be able to switch to whatever was already downloaded for Pro in the plugin.