Nightfall fugitive (BBCSO pro, APPassionnata, solo strings, labs and other things)

Hello, here is my latest composition for solo clarinet and orchestra. She takes as an argument the American escape and runaway cinema of the 1960s.

I use several joint libraries for this realization:

Orchestra: BBCSO pro

Some passages of strings in reduced numbers: Appassionata for another color

Several Percussion Labs

A modeled piano (Pianoteq 7)

A modeled clarinet by Swam.

Thank you for your listening and your comments


  • Hello...

    Oops... I raise the thread... Because I can't wait to have your opinions!

  • Great fun! Such a lot of interest and variety. Beautifully scored and cleanly produced. By the way, I enjoyed also the graphics. I've put my own music on soundcloud so far but your example prompts me to look into using Youtube and creating some visuals. Thanks


  • Merci Keith !

    Yes, it's a good thing anyway this Youtube. However, it is better to adapt your mixes according to standards involving dynamic compression: -1db of maximum peak and around -15 db LUFSi (which is a kind of average dynamics, each streaming platform has its own standards but this tends to harmonize).

  • Now, I'm looking for a new idea, or a new theme to explore for a future composition...

    If you have any ideas to suggest to me! A little challenge!