Room ambiance and reverb in BBCSO Discover vs Core

I'm using Discover, which I like very much and want to upgrade to CORE. BUT I find the amount of built in reverb too strong, and I can't dry it out. Everything at the back of the orchestra sounds very far away. Is this the same in CORE?


  • You have a little bit more control in Core, you can dial the reverb to 0 to get rid of the "echo" or "tail" portion of the reverb. It is still a VERY wet library. Even the close mics in Pro have a very wet sound trailing behind them. You won't be able to dry this library out, but at 0 reverb, you can still get a good intimate sound that doesn't sound "distant" if that makes sense.

  • Thanks for this. I use discover with no reverb. You're saying that using no reverb in CORE is better?

  • Yes, the samples are just much better overall. They are still very wet, but not to the degree that Discover was. Although, I haven't used Discover since last November. The quality of sound is just such a dramatic improvement; I have no regrets upgrading to Core. The sound is still that of a very large, wet hall. If you want a drier studio sound, go for the studio orchestra perhaps?

  • I don't own any of these products yet, but my understanding is that the BBCSO Pro version might help here with it's extra mic positions such as "close". Is this correct?

  • Technically speaking, microphones can't take the instrument out of the hall. They can only take you closer to the source of the sound. So yes, the close mics might help a little, but that's a huge upgrade if you don't even want "wet" to begin with. Check some demos of the core mix and pro mics and see if they address the problems you're seeing in Discover. There is a huge quality difference from Discover to Core (as expected since Discover is essentially free).

  • Hi all,

    In terms of the room sound/reverb you will pick up, the differences between the Core and Pro 'wetness' will boil down to what mic positions you use . Closer mics will have less room sound yielding drier results. Core does not have the additional mic positions you would receive in Pro, but does have a slightly drier sound than Discover overall.

  • I get the difference between CORE and PRO. PRO is out of the question for me so I can accept that CORE has considerably better sound than Discover and not simply more instruments and articulations. If I want drier sound I suppose I can mix in a sample library I have that is very dry and get a balance that's good enough for an amateur like me. Thanks to all for the explanations and suggestions.

  • I believe the main reason core might have less room noise than discover is because of the dynamic layers. Discover only has one as opposed to the three that core has. I would imagine reducing the volume of a higher dynamic recording would still carry more of the room as opposed to playing in the lower dynamic ranges recorded in core and pro.