Orchestral Midi Mock Ups

Can anyone send me a mockup that I can open with Studio One 5 or Logic Pro X. Just nee to get a Kick Start with ready made peices

Kind Regards



  • You can do this all yourself.

    1) Go to any MIDI site (there are lots offering free MIDI files and a substantial amount of classical MIDIs)

    2) Download the MIDI file of the piece you want

    3) In Windows, right click the MIDI file you have downloaded. Look for 'Open with' - choose Studio One for this.

    4) Clicking the MIDI file should then open the MIDI in Studio One. During this process you'll be asked whether you want to use the default MIDI instruments. It's best to say yes to this. It will then usually open the Presence Instruments, that can, at times, sound horrible.

    5) You shuld now have a MIDI file open in Studio One. You are then free to swap, on a track by track basis, the general MIDI instruments for the Spitfire Audio instruments of your choice.

    6) You'll probably find that there can be significant quality variances between MIDI files. You'll also find that a lot of articulation switching won't happen.

    I've found it very educational to find out how Vivaldi / Rossini / Bach etc composed.

    Hope this helps.